Sakura Tree Crafts for Children

Blown Ink and Tissue Paper

Place a small amount of black or brown liquid ink in a puddle at the bottom of a sheet of watercolor paper. Using a drinking straw, blow the ink gently upward to form branch-like shapes. Let the ink dry completely. Cut small squares from pink and white tissue paper and gently crumple each square into a loose ball. Use small dots of white glue to glue the tissue balls onto the ink branches to give the appearance of cherry blossoms.

Paper Blossoms on Branches

Choose a few dry branches. Cut simple five-petal flower shapes from two shades of pink tissue paper. You do not need to use a pattern -freehand shapes will give the finished project a more natural look. Layer one flower of each color together. Stagger them so that both colors are visible. Put a small drop of glue in the center of the flowers, and pinch the centers together to gather the flowers. Repeat to make as many cherry blossoms as you desire. Glue the completed blossoms to the branches and display them in a vase.

Popcorn Blossoms

Pop a bowl of plain unbuttered popcorn. For best results, use an air popper instead of a microwave popcorn. On a sheet of construction paper, paint or draw tree branches. Glue pieces of popcorn onto the branaches to look like cherry blossoms. Let the glue dry thoroughly before hanging up the pictures.

Fingerprint Blossoms

Draw or paint tree branches on a sheet of watercolor paper. Dip your fingers into pink and white paint, and print petals on the branches with your fingertips. Wash your hands, and make a few leaves in the same manner with green paint.


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