Save the World

The world is in need.
So much to be done
People we need feed
Not all will be fun.
From the earth we rob.
I can hear her cry,
And I start to sob,
And ask myself why.

You think yourself good.
This I do not doubt.
I wonder how could
You leave the world out.
Your cares and concerns
Self centered they are,
And still the world burns
Still you drive your car.

We pollute the air,
Pollute the water
Everyone beware
As earth gets hotter.
We pile our trash
And cut down her trees
Burn the earth to ash
Bring her to her knees.

If you want to keep
This world to enjoy,
Of its blessings reap
Every girl and boy,
From now and until
The end of time comes
We must gain the will
And get off our bums.

Now we have to be
Selfless with our aid,
And set this world free
From the trash we made.
I give you a task.
All I want from you,
Is for you to Ask,
Now, what can I do?

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