Savvy Shopping 101

A savvy shopping day can be a true therapeutic experience; you can indulge without having chest pains when you receive the bill. All it takes is a little effort and know-how, and you can be donning designer labels with a few extra dollars to drop in your rainy day piggy bank.

Style with Savoir-Faire

Seasonally, excess merchandise from retail stores is shipped directly to stores like Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. If your patience can stick with you while you peruse rack after rack, you can literally pay a fraction of the price for the same item that was on display months earlier in a high-end retail giant. Try Loehmann’s for a calmer experience, as racks are organized by designers to make shopping on a budget even easier.

The Value of Vintage

If you have yet to feel the energy surge that bursts throughout your entire body when you find that rare and one-of-a-kind floral dress circa 1940, then it is time you visit a clothing haven, a.k.a vintage shop, near you. Hidden treasures sparkle throughout these sanctuaries. Hermes, Prada, and all top designers have been delicately selected by the store buyers only to be re-sold for a remarkable price. On an even brighter note, you can bring in well-kept clothing that no longer fits in your closet, and if the buyers like it, you’ll get cash in return. For Angelenos, try Wasteland with 2 locations in the Los Angeles area. New Yorkers may want to begin in Brooklyn at Beacon’s Closet. One dry cleaning bill later; your smile will light up as you’re draped in a decade that rocked the fashion world.

The Momentary Trend

If you’re on the lookout for a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it trend, check out what Forever 21, H&M, and stores alike have to offer before you splurge at a high-end boutique or department store. You may want to spend more on classic, timeless pieces; it doesn’t always pay to break the bank for a momentary trend.

Surf the Web

Discover discount shopping websites such as Bluefly, HauteLook, and Gilt, which offer quality merchandise at very competitive prices. Each site has their own twist, so bookmark them and sign up for emails and alerts.

End of Season – Sales, Sales, Sales

At the end of each season, retail stores are prompted to practically give away their clothing in order to make room for new merchandise! Make sure you shop the first day; the pick of the litter will be yours. Clothing and accessories can go for an additional 30-50% off the already-reduced sale price. Being in the know is definitely worth it during sale time.

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