Secrets of a Madman

The secrets of a madman beneath the cobwebs of the mind
The darkest corners of its depths are where the brightest souls go blind

His heart hisses a burning smoke, scars that sizzle burn freezing cold
Memories of a gruesome past, forbidden stories of horrors untold

Chained behind the fractured walls, the sewage of guilt runs deep
Caged in a blackened chamber where demons of hatred lie asleep

The broken restraints over impulse, reason decays in their shadows
Fury and bloodlust run rampant, innocence lie dead in the gallows

His regrets have been slain by vanity, his fears only live to serve wrath
In his twisted paradise love is vacant, ignorance emaciated the path

His imagination bleeds infected thoughts, parasitic plots and schemes
His philosophy is to kill or be killed, both roles he fills in his dreams

In the tormented prison of his mind, his fantasies rule supreme
The masochistic victim held hostage beneath insanity’s regime

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