Seeds of Destiny

I was thinking today about dreams…Dreams when you sleep, dreams when your awake.
I’m not talking about the dreams of sleep. Those can come and go, and some never remembered.
And some of those can become nightmares, to haunt you leaving you with beads of sweat upon awaking..

But the thought came to me about dreams of destiny…The thought and drive of why you were destined to be here.

The life purpose you feel compelled and driven towards. Not taking into considerations of the other hindrances that make it seem to some your decision to do some outlandish idea a little out of the ordinary.

But, yes, there is destiny for all of us. Some dream of it. Some are born into it. But ultimately, we all are destined.

Some fall short of their destiny, allowing challenges which come not to destroy or stop them, but strengthen them to move on through…But some have given up in the midst of what was designed help and dropped their dream to destiny. It is sad, but to some there is always another road to redemption given to attain that dream, a second chance. Not all get that opportunity.

But God is a God of second chances. God desires all to achieve their destiny. After all God is the one who designed it just for us, and knows just what we need to get there.

God knows and planned all those challenges your going through to get you to your destiny, and promises, that God’s grace will be there to help you through it. And also God said you would not be given more than you can bear…But give you the grace that you need so when you go through it, you would be ready to give an answer to others going through similar situations. To give them hope. This is the hope that drives dreams on to their destiny.

Some learn to live in the grace God gives, because they live humble and thankful for all they do, and have. They know without God, they are nothing.

What parent would be happy to give good things to a child that is not grateful and thankful for the small things as well as the great things they give them? God is very much the same way.

How many through pride and selfishness should deserve anything? But yet we see many rich, affluent in prominent positions and even in government positions flaunting their riches all the while being totally aware of the many that are truly hurting but yet those that are hurting are satisfied and live with gratitude for the least they are given. But the rich shout in pride how much they deserve what they have.

There is a destiny for those that are rich and selfish too. It is not a good one. On the other hand God has a destiny for those that are poor, and live with little but totally satisfied. A very good one!
The truly blessed are the ones that live the same no matter what may come. They have learned in all things to be thankful and grateful for all things and through all things.

It is not the abundance of riches that make them happy or content. It is the one that gives that brings them happiness. God the best God had to the poorest of people on earth…That shows us all the way to be…The bible is full of example of how riches turn people towards evil ways. It is what that is in the heart of man that causes him/her to turn to evil when rich.

But you have to have an anchor in your soul. Something good in you to fight off the greed, and perversion riches can bring. If you don’t have that goodness, or strength, you will fall for riches and forget your God.

There is another adversary who desires our fall from destiny. The devil. Yes there is a devil. And he is busy trying to make those that are rich trust in their riches more. And he is busy trying to convince millions, that there is no God to trust in. His desire is that human kind would ignore God and follow him instead. And we of the faith know what his devices are. Temptations of greed, lust, covetousness, selfishness, perversion, hate, anger, and much more.

His devices are intended to destroy the destiny God created each of us to fulfill. But God gives grace to the humble, those that are following God’s voice, living in prayer, having a clear consciousness before God, and not given over to the flesh.

These will be blessed, remain strong, having a root in themselves that keeps them on the path to their destiny.

There are many roads that can take you off the road to our destiny. It takes a wise, humble, and faithful man or woman to continue on the right road.

Many are born with a dream, to their destiny. I believe these dreams, are the seeds of God to be germinated through life to develop into our destiny…

Faith, and Hope are the water that germinates the seeds instilled in us. These seeds then grow into a flowering tree for all to see. Then this tree begins to bear fruit, that others may partake of, and the seed is then reproduced into others that eat of this fruit. And again the another destiny is grown in others…
Sometimes the tree you partook of, was a Grandmother, Grandfather, or some other family member close to you. Maybe it was a friend, an acquaintance, or a fellow worker. You never know where the seed was deposited from. But it was…

Unfortunately, just like the good seeds, there are bad seeds that can be planted in people also to grow but producing a non fruit bearing tree…It will look at first just like the fruit bearing tree, but later when fruit should be expected. Nothing is there. And it’s purpose does nothing, but to deceive. And many come to rest under its branches, but find no sustenance. So many get thwarted or drawn away from their destiny because of these imposters. And they must go and find another tree to gain life from. Some do not and die unfulfilled in their destiny.

So let’s look at mentoring. This is one way we get a seed planted in us…As a child with our parents, friends, teachers, etc…We find some seed of destiny that we dream of following…

Some go through life with many twists and turns, but eventually end up at their destiny. And some after all the twists and turns ask themselves, I wonder where I’d be if I hadn’t done this or that?

Well maybe you would have never arrived, because those things you went through were needed to get you there. However painful they seemed to be.

So remember this, patience is your perfect friend as you route out your destiny from the seeds planted long ago. Water them with faith, hope, and love and they will grow.

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