Seven Reasons to Visit Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, This Spring

Victoria, British Columbia, is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s also one of the most easily accessible international destinations for American travelers. If you need an excuse to visit this spring, here are seven great reasons.

Great Deals

Hop on the Victoria Clipper from downtown Seattle for a short and scenic ferry ride, or take the short flight on Kenmore Air. Either option offers great vacation packages, combining the journey with hotel packages and more, and springtime brings the outstanding values and special deals for travelers. Be sure to check Canada’s entry requirements for U.S. citizens before making plans.

The Weather

Victoria, B.C., offers the best weather in Canada with the lowest rainfall on Canada’s West Coast and the most days of sunshine. Spring is the best season of the year in Victoria, with mild temperatures and sunshine-filled days. If you like it a little warmer than most, visit in May, when you’ll find fewer tourists but higher daytime temperatures.

Cherry Trees

37,000 cherry trees are in full bloom at springtime, lighting up the streets with a burst of bright pink. Victoria is the garden city, and there is nothing like it this time of year. Spectacular colors are found everywhere you look. Take a romantic horse-carriage ride through the streets and take in the lovely sights and scents for an unforgettable view of British Columbia’s capital city in style.

Playfair Park

Visit Playfair Park, one of the city’s best kept secrets. It’s full of mature rhododendrons and azaleas, and some consider it even more impressive than the famed Butchart Gardens but much more peaceful and secluded. The park is a sight to behold with all of the flowers in full bloom from March through May.


With 80 killer whales who call the waters off southern Vancouver Island home, Victoria is an ideal central location to embark on an amazing tour of marine wildlife. You’ll likely spot orcas gliding through the water, sea lions sunning on the rocks, jumping porpoises, and maybe even a humpback whale. Bald eagles are a common sight to see soaring through the air and perched on top of the trees. The spring season offers better values and less crowds, making the experience even better.

Butchart Gardens

A visit to Victoria isn’t the same without seeing Butchart Gardens. It goes without saying that spring is the best time to view the gardens coming alive with some of the finest displays of nature’s art work in the world.

Amazing Food

The food in Victoria is always outstanding, but if you like fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, the island’s wonderful farmers markets open in April and May, offering mouth-watering delights to treat your senses. In addition to the great selection of produce, you find delicious baked goods, homemade jams, sweets, and more.

Treat yourself to breakfast at the 3rd Street Cafe in Sidney, known as the best place for your morning meal on the island. Pancakes are loaded with fresh fruits and nuts, and the eggs bennie are to die for.

I’d make the trek to the island just to have dinner at Pescatores. They emphasize locally grown Vancouver Island produce and seafood with the freshest fish and meats. The jumbo scallops entree is my favorite, with lobster ravioli tossed in a truffle cream with spinach. There are no words to describe just how delectable it is.

K.C. Dermody is a freelance writer and a Featured Contributor for Travel on Yahoo! Contributor Network. She has traveled to nearly all 50 states and many countries worldwide and has a passion for imparting what she has learned from her experiences to others.

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