Shadow’s Mist

Shadows walk alone with tears in their eyes watching colored mist wisp through the clouds. Sorrow sings it’s haunting tune calling to the night. City lights and cracked streets paint this lonely world.

Underneath this starry sky a teenage boy walks alone. Covered in black his eyes drop to the ground sinking deeply into sadness. Forgetting the world around he wanders aimlessly lost in thought and sounds of Bella Morte emanating from his headphones.

Finding his way through the dark to a neighborhood park he walks past the play area to a path leading through some woods. As light becomes scarce blocked by trees and bushes, the boy begins to look side-to-side imagining demons ready to jump out from hiding. Eyes and figures seem to form in his mind playing out stories of horrible possibilities.

Making his way through the dark past a clearing he comes to a giant willow tree and sits beneath it. Looking intensely it feels like nothing may harm him here. Devils may walk by lurking quietly, but something watches over in this sacred place. Reaching with his soul he calls out internally imaging a lady dressed in black who has comes to haunt his dreams. Though it seems a silly dream, he reaches out none the less: pretending she is real until finally once more letting his insides die leaning against the tree and closing his eyes

Above the mist begins to twirl lower to the ground until it hovers inches above the dirt causing a rustle through the leaves. Hearing the gentle noise wakes him from his daze opening eyes to see the source. As if in a dream he watches curiously as the mist twists and swirls up towards the sky.

As if commanded shadows glide from in the trees surrounding the willow tree. Unafraid the boy takes off his headphones and stands walking towards the mist. Gradually the mist begins to take form of a woman until perfectly consuming her body with a slight transparency.

Reaching out her hand she touches the boys face her hand slightly floating through his skin with a touch deeper than the soul. A tingly sensation pulses through the skin where the misty hand was placed. One silent tear slowly leaks from his eye as he gazes quiet and still.

Closing his eyes he presses his cheek against her hand rubbing it gently against her fingertips. Looking once more at the girl he takes her in his arms closing his eyes once more letting her form wrap around him.

Lost for what seemed eternity she began to become a mist once more wrapping around the boy filling his soul with her essence. Laying her down beside the tree her form was slowly vanishing, but he could still feel her touch as he pressed his lips to kiss her. Becoming lost in that kiss she faded to nothingness until he woke to morning’s dew huddled beneath the tree.

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