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If thinking about wintertime evokes images of gray skies and dreary days, you’ll be glad to know that this fall’s color trends are anything but dull. Bright, bold, and diverse, many of the colors of the fall/winter 2011 palette will pop right off the clothing rack. From shoes to dresses to hats, you’ll be seeing these six shades all over your local mall any day now (if not already!)

#1 – Champagne

We’ll start off with this subtle, but statement-making, nude tone. Of course, since the color itself is so neutral, the best champagne fashions will be glitzy, glittery, and gauzy. Look for champagne in your fall 2011 evening wear, from gowns to pumps. Many great designers have beautiful champagne gowns already available, such as Adriana Papell.

#2 – Bottle Green

If not done properly, bottle green clothing can look dull, boring, or military-like. But when this unique color is combined with feminine details and a touch of sheen, it’s breathtaking. Enjoy bottle green apparel and accessories from some of the finest designers this season, including Elie Tahari and Coach.

#3 – Fire-Engine Red

Now here’s some heat to keep you warm this season! Lighter and more cheerful than previous years’ deeper reds, this fire-engine tone is fiery and fun. Look for great basics in this color for some extra pizazz in your wardrobe! Or shop for bright purses and wallets by Kate Spade in fire-engine red, a real trend-setting choice!

#4 – Marigold

The perfect color for fall, marigold has a rich, deep quality to it that makes it perfect for outerwear or accessories. Some skin tones can pull off a gorgeous gown in marigold, but for those who fear yellows, try some over-sized jewelry or a killer pair of heels in this bright hue.

#5 – Lemon Yellow
While we’re talking about yellow tones, this pale lemon shade is also a must-have. Carried over from spring 2011, you might already have some lemon yellow in your closet. Wear it! Stick to accent pieces like a tailored jacket or a flowing weekend-wear skirt in this tone.

#6 – Plum
Move over jewel-toned purples. Rich purples such as plum or eggplant are back with a vengeance. Suit up in purples from head to toe (not all at once!) with sweaters, heels, hats, and more from leading designers. Top it off with a plum jacket from The North Face or a perfect little purse from Vera Bradley for the complete look.

Even if you don’t see yourself in one of these colors, there are enough on the list for everyone to find something they’ll adore all season-long. Pick your favorites and get shopping! All this color should help you survive the dark, dreary months ahead.

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