Shopping Tips for Farmer’s Market Shopping

There is nothing better than shopping at a Farmer’s market. This is the best way to assure that you are getting local and fresh foods. Yet, just as there are tips that can help you shop wiser at a supermarket, there are tips for farmer market shopping. Here are a few to consider, the next time you stop at one.

Stay Prepared

If you know you are likely to be stopping by any of the local Famer’s Markets in your area, make sure you and your car are prepared. This simply means that you should keep some canvas bags and possible even a plastic container or two in your car. This will keep you from having to get any of those plastic bags from the market and the containers are perfect for taking home berries (without crushing them).

Try To Go In The Morning

If the weather in your area is extremely hot, you may want to try to get to the market early. The fruits and the vegetables will look better since they haven’t been in the heat all day. Plus, you will have more to choose from than later in the day.

Ask For A Sample

If you aren’t sure you want to purchase the strawberries or blueberries, ask the vendor if you can have a sample. Most vendors won’t mind if you sample one berry. But mind your manners and ask first. Of course, you can’t sample eggs, corn or meats. Just go with your gut on these, if the price is right. Remember you don’t have to return to this particular market if you don’t like what you purchase.

Protect Your Purchases Once You Get Them Home

Once you get your products home, remember there are some tricks to keeping your purchases fresh. Try to keep your berries and tomatoes at room temperature. Herbs can be kept in a vase of water. Chill greens in your refrigerator.

Enjoy And Share

Most of all, remember the goodies that you bought at the Farmer’s Market. Enjoy them and share them with your friends and family.

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