Short Breaks in France: Visiting Normandy

Paris is the most famous holiday region in France, but many families have found that short breaks in France, especially the Normandy region can also be ideal since this area has more than enough attractions to keep parents and children busy during their time off work or school. Ferry to France is fun for the whole family.

A wonderful venue that merges British and French history is Festyland, which features more than 30 different attractions, many of them themed to take families back to the days of William the Conqueror. He is known in Britain as the first of the Norman kings, but before that, he ruled the Normandy region of France. Festyland is a place where children can encounter such fascinating characters as pirates and Vikings.

Champresus Zoo

Few things please children as well as a zoo, and in this regard short breaks in Normandy will not disappoint. The Champresus Zoo contains more than just a collection of wild animals demonstrated in settings that mimic their natural habitats. There is also a miniature farm where children can have close encounters with baby animals, and a range of interactive activities that educate even as they entertain.

Guided Tours

Families interested in history will also want to take a guided tour. These are available with English-speaking guides who are experts in the local history of the region. Common stopping points on such tours include museums that recreate periods from the past as well as the famous beaches that in 1944 were the site of the largest naval invasion ever to be attempted.

Accommodation in Normandy

Hotels and other accommodation in Normandy are available at a range of prices so that even families of modest means will find that a holiday that is within their reach. Some families even enjoy camping holidays during the warmer months; camping sites for this purpose are readily available.

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