Should There Be an Anti-Bullying Law? 2011

According to Matthew Franklin at ABC news, ” The bill passed in the house to have Anti-bullying policies in school.” “Presently, Michigan does not require schools to have an anti-bullying Policy.” Since the bill has passed the house it will now be sent to the Governor Rick Snyder. I believe all schools should have and enforce Anti-bullying policies.

According to Wikipedia.Org. Michigan and Montana are the only states that do not have Anti–bullying legislation. Sounds like these 2 states are behind the times.

There will probably be those that are very much for this law against Anti-bullying. Then there will be others that may feel that is too harsh to have a law. Are there some schools that enforce anti-bullying polices? Have the schools addressed the parent issues regarding anti-bullying of their children? Are children still killing themselves because of bullying?

Bullying is quite serious. Are children being educated to the harmful effects of bullying? Have you been bullied at school? Have you ever been a bully? Why do people bully others? Does it make them feel bigger & better? What is the pay off for the person doing the bullying?

Some of the bullies seem to have no remorse. Others even seem to feel justified as those they had the right to do so. This type of attitude is so sad. In addition to the anti–bullying law why not have actual courses about bullying in school? Why not educate children that bullying is not acceptable behavior? Laws are great, but laws must be enforced to the fullest to have an effect.

As I watched the Dr. Phil show, I observed a girl that said she became a bully so know one would bother her. She felt that this was the answer. There was no consideration as to how this made the person feel that she was bullying. Also, there was seemingly no remorse for what she did. I felt the pain and sadness of those that came forth crying because of being bullied. Just watching them cry seemingly helplessly was very saddening. Even more tragic are those that are now deceased because of bullying. I think of those that felt they had no other alternative but to end their lives in order to stop the pain of bullying.

An anti-bullying law might decrease the amount of bullying that has seemingly continued thus far. Is there a possible anti-bullying law that can address the cyber-bullying which has seemingly grown in epic proportions. Should social media such as Facebook, Myspace, and other social media be held liable for the bullying that may have occurred on their sites? Bullying seemingly became more massive online because it could reach thousands or more people. Should there be an anti-bullying class or course introduced in schools? Possibly an anti-bullying law would hold those bullies more accountable for their actions. What are your thoughts on this? What do you think?


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