Siamese Cat Rescue Organizations in the D.C. Metropolitan Area

This article is about Siamese cat rescue organizations. Siamese cats make great pets. They are loyal and devoted as well as requiring a lot of attention and can be temperamental. If you love Siamese cats like I do, I have owned Siamese cats almost all my life, read on.

I and my husband adopted Chester from Lucky Ones, , at the Pet Smart in Waldorf MD about nine years ago. When they opened the cage, he put a paw on me and I had to adopt him. Chester has made a wonderful pet. He is entertaining, and opens drawers with his paws. Also he is very loyal and follows me up and down the stairs. In the following paragraphs I will describe Siamese Cat Rescue organizations in Maryland.

The Siamese Cat Rescue Center is located in Locust Dale, Virginia, which is 1.5 southwest of Washington D.C. and has foster homes all over the United States. Adopters fill out paperwork before they pick up their cat, because the turnover of cats is so great. The contact person is Sri Zwernke and the phone number is (540) 672-6373 and Fax number is (877) 843-6339. For more information go to

The Pure Bred Cat Breed Rescue Inc.’s mission is “to support responsible pure bred cat efforts. ” The people involved in this organization want to not only promote and rescue purebred cats but also strive placing their cats in loving homes. The contact person is Linda Pollack in Mercer MD. The email address is [email protected] For more information go to

Last but not least is the Meezer Pleasers. They are an organization that is located in Shrewsbury Pennsylvania and are an all-volunteer non-profit organization. According to their website, their focus is meezers but help with Orientals, Cornish Rex, Snowshoes and other breeds. They do not have a shelter but provide the cats with loving foster homes. They will adopt out of state but they don’t ship them. They encourage adopters to seek a shelter in their state. The phone number is (717) 235-3951 and the email address is [email protected] For more information go to .

So if you wish to adopt a Siamese cat, contact one of these organizations. You will be glad you did.

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