Signs Your Relationship is Going Nowhere

Most women don’t enter a relationship unless they feel it is going to lead to something long-term. It’s easy to be enthusiastic in the beginning because you are still getting to know each other, but that feeling doesn’t always last as long for your guy as it does for you. In fact, he might be thinking it’s almost over while you are still happy with him. When you are happy with the way things are, it’s hard to see the signs that he might be about to break your heart. Here are a few hints that your relationship is going nowhere.

He won’t let you meet his friends

When a man wants you in his life, he will eventually want you to get to know the people he is closest to. Even if you have met his parents, meeting his friends is often another layer of commitment because they are the ones who will judge him, and you. There is no real time limit on when you should have met his friends, but if it has been more than six months, alarm bells should start ringing.

He doesn’t show any sign of affection in public

Public displays of affection can be nauseating, especially when performed somewhere odd like the middle of a supermarket. I once saw two people getting hot and heavy against a display of birthday cards in a shop I worked in and it was not a pretty sight! Being affectionate while out and about doesn’t mean getting carried away, it can just be something simple like holding hands. If he often pulls away from you, and never gets close when you are out together, he may be subtly telling you he is getting bored.

He prefers doing things alone or with friends than with you

This might sound pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many women are so in love that they don’t realize he is pushing them away. It is totally fine to do things without each other sometimes, in fact, it is good for you. But when he constantly chooses his friends over you, it doesn’t suggest a bright future for you both.

He refuses to talk about the future

I would never advise trying to discuss marriage and children with someone you have only just met. It creeps guys out way too much. However, if you have been together for more than a year, the topic should have come up in conversation, even if it was just casually mentioned. The biggest sign your relationship is going nowhere is if he constantly refuses to discuss a future with you. If he can’t even talk about it, he will never commit.

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