Simple Guidelines on Defeating OCD Symptoms

There are various ways that can help manage and lessen the obsessions and compulsions in OCD.

These are other additional ways that can alleviate the disorder. It is very important for an OCD patient to refocus his attention. It is best to alter one’s attention to avoid obsessions and compulsions to trigger. It is recommended for the OCD patient to engage himself in healthy activities like jogging and walking which will help his body fitness. Reading, surfing the net or having recreational facilities can shift the OCD symptoms into meaningful activities.

Jutting down and keeping records of excessive thoughts, fears and worries. It is advisable to have a paper and pen, laptop or tablet to have a document and consistent evaluation of the patient’s condition. This can help to assess the progress and improvements with regard to the disorder.

Recurring OCD behaviors can also be managed by having self-discipline.

Creating a mental picture and telling one’s self that the door has been locked can ease and lessen the thought that is distracting. If this process is done frequently, it can make a mark that it is just a thought. When having a doubt whether appliances have been turned off, set aside all that is in one’s mind and make a clear picture that appliances were turned off. By this, the thought will shift and may not disturb the OCD patient’s mind anymore. In this way, the patient may do other tasks and jobs not being affected by the disorder.

There is a thing called worry period. This is done by making schedules of the obsessions and compulsions. It is done by allocating a time every day, a couple of 10 minute worry period or more. This would depend on the reaction of the patient. It is proper to choose a place where the patient finds comfortable. When having a worry period, concentrate on your negative thoughts and bad vibes. Let them stay in your mind. Have a few relaxing inhale and exhale and let the negative thoughts fly out of your mind and think of the normal and proper activities. Do this again for the next 10 minutes of your desired schedule. If the process does not work, let your thoughts obsess you but only for the allotted worry period. If it is still bothersome after your worry period, give yourself a rest and try to have another worry period later.

Defeat OCD symptoms by these simple guidelines.

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