Since You Left

Since you left a lot of things has changed
But my love for you remains the same

The sun doesn’t shine as bright
and the stars doesn’t twinkle at night
The moon is fading away in the sky
and December 26 says he apologize

December think it’s his fault that you went away
but his friends said, it was your time and day
New Year’s wasn’t happy this year
and Valentine said no chocolates just tears

Mardi Gras said no more beads and floats
and Easter just sits there and hopes
That April Fool’s can hear you laughing with its practical jokes

But Mother’s Day knows better than that
Because a real mother is gone and not coming back
Fourth of July celebrates your life
and Halloween says Happy Birthday and no more trick or treating at night

Thanksgiving said no more rolls, turkeys, and yams
and poor Christmas knows nothing will ever be the same

As this year was difficult to not have you here
This year was difficult not to have your near
This year was difficult not to have you with me
And forever lost is what I will always be

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