Sneak Peek Review of the Children’s DVD: Families of Philippines

This is a sneak peek review of the children’s DVD Families of Philippines. It’s from the Families of the World series and comes from Master Communications. It’s due for release on September 20. I was provided this children’s DVDs for review, but was under no obligation to recommend it. My observations are my own.

Synopsis of the Children’s DVD Families of Philippines

Two Filipino children share the goings on of their lives in this video from the time they get up until they turn off the lights for sleeping.

First, 13 year old Khim lives on one of the 7,000-plus islands called Cebu in the archipelago nation. Because he lives near the coast in a simple hut with his grandparents, aunt, and cousins, he’s able to witness fishermen at work. Tourism has had an effect on the area, which helps grandpa make money as he takes them around in his motorcycle-like touring vehicle so visitors can admire the water life and enjoy the island’s exotic fruits. But much of Khim’s time as a first year high school student is spent in a school that has some 10,000 students, where he gains computer skills and learns about his favorite subject science. Because of Khim’s family’s simple existence where much of their food is grown by grandma, they must get clean water from refilling stations. The boy has the chore of collecting firewood to cook rice with for the meal that will include relatives. Viewers learn why it’s okay to burp at the table there in this children’s Filipino DVD.

Next, the Families of Philippines features an urbanized child named Shahani, who is seven years old and lives on the island of Luzon. Even though she begins school at 7:30 in the morning, she has to get up at 5am and have her mom help her with hygiene and dressing since she’s so tired. Her school contains around 5,000 students, and she gets there by a small motorized vehicle which charges her parents to take her. Viewers will learn why the school year is 10 months long and why vacation time is in April and May. The family relies on Shahani’s father to eek out a living by entertaining children at birthday parties in places like the mall.

More about the Families of Philippines Video

I do strongly recommend this DVD. Children will learn through this video presentation that kids can be happy with less. The two Filipino kids in Families of Philippines live, by American standards, pretty bare bone. Yet these children, while not abundant with electronic gadgets and junk food, stay busy and active while eating fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables much of the time for good health. They serve as a fine example of how one can be happy even without all the materialism, though dancing is a hobby each child shares a love of. The visuals of this island nation are stunning, showing off much natural beauty that this country has to offer.

This Families of the World children’s DVD is due for release on September 20, and has a Suggested Retail Price of $29.95. The language is in English with English subtitles and Closed Captioning options. The ISBN Number for Families of Philippines is 978-1-60480-112-5. For more information about Families of the World, go to the website

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