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Today, it is becoming more important than ever to have a good understanding of social media marketing and how it works if you want to have any success online.

Facebook is quickly catching up to Google as the most visited site in the world, and Twitter has grown by 1000% in terms of the number of people who have accounts.

So how do you reach the people on these sites, and how do you convince them to click on your link, or buy your product?

It’s mostly a matter of sheer volume, although to some degree, you have to have a site with a really widespread appeal to succeed in social media marketing.

I use Twiends to get Twitter followers, and I find that by tweeting a lot, to a lot of people, you can get views on just about anything.

It helps if you understand the sorts of things that people like to click on, which for my followers, is helpful information about how to make a website successful, and make money online.

Apart from that, anything with widespread appeal like the latest Hollywood gossip might get some views. As for Facebook, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

Social Marketing on Facebook

It’s not a good idea to spam people in your news feed, and you can’t get a hundred new friends a day, unless you can convince them to look for you and add you.

So, the best way to use Facebook for social media marketing is by making Facebook pages. You treat these in the same way as a normal site, by using the right on-page SEO techniques you would for any website, but you also have the option of including your own site within the page, by using the iFrame system.

This means you can pretty much do anything you want on a Facebook page, so long as you have your own hosting service, or you can also use an app like Static HTML: iFrame Tabs to add source code to a tab.

Apart from Facebook and Twitter, I love using StumbleUpon to get traffic, and StumbleUpon Ads are some of the cheapest clicks you will get anywhere on the net, even if it’s not really targeted traffic.

Social media marketing is a great way to reach people, and I personally get twice the amount of traffic from promoting on social sites than from Google, even after spending years learning search engine optimization.

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