The 5 Universal Elements of the Eastern Zodiac

There are five universal elements of Chinese astrology – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These elements – also known as Wu Xing – form an important part of Chinese philosophy. The concept behind it is that every aspect of a person’s life has a relationship to one of the five elements. The primary element, and the characteristics effecting an individual’s life, are determined by a reading of that individual’s birth chart. Secondary elements influencing that person are then determined by birth year. While each reading is individual, there are universal attributes of each element that can be used to prejudge what traits and factors will be key to that person’s life.

People born within the Wood element are influenced through their lives by the planet Jupiter, and as the group most influenced by nature, they find spring to be the authoritative month. They also have the guardian spirit of the Azure Dragon, East as their key direction, and will find the colors green and brown to be the most important in their lives. Wood individuals are generally artistic, trustworthy and committed with a work hard play hard attitude that will also possess healthy livers.

The fire element, rather understandably, is controlled by Mars and has red and yellow as its colors, South as its direction and summer as its most powerful season. Under the guardian of the Vermilion Bird, these people are happy sociable souls with a tendency toward hypersensitivity. With the element of the heart ruling over them, they also find themselves to have a healthy circulatory system.

The element of Earth has a different effect than the other four because it focuses on being central. It doesn’t have a set direction or season. Instead, people under Earth are encouraged to look toward the changing of the seasons and transitions. Their plant is Saturn, their guardian the Yellow Dragon and black and brown are their influencing colors. Those under this element tend to be faithful,idealistic and ambitious, but not interested in the material world.

Individuals born under the Metal element have Venus as their planet, the White Tiger as their guardian and grey and white as their dominating colors. Metal people will find themselves expressing their best qualities in the West and in autumn – these qualities include being orderly, hygienic, organized seekers of quality, who are also proud, excellent speakers and boast healthy respiratory systems.

The final element water has its deepest links with Mercury, but interestingly also has an association with the moon. Under the guidance of the Black Tortoise and the key colors of blue and silver, water people will be at their best in the North and find Winter to be their best season. They will be scholarly professionals with good leadership skills and have few kidney or skeletal problems.

These are just the basics when it comes to the universal elements of Chinese astrology – a taste of what each element could mean. Anybody interested in learning more should carry out an astrological chart (e.g. birth chart), then the elements described here will truly come to life and they will see how the elements have been influencing their life without them even knowing it.

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