The Adam Carolla Show 08/12/11 – Jon Lovitz Theater 9.8

This episode is classic Carolla. Non stop laughs and ranting from begining to end. The only reason it doesn’t get a 10 is because he’ll outdo it. He always does.

The episode opens with a rant about dogs, his wife and community responsibility, Carolla style. A nice solid piece that I’m sure will resurface again.

On to audience questions. These segments are Adam at his strongest. It’s free form association and it doesn’t matter if the question is serious or nonsensical. First up is a gent with an idea for a reality show. Adam takes off, 10 new show concepts while berating the guy, good naturedly. Listening to this piece you wonder how he struggles pitching TV shows. The way he was going he could have sold this show to any network exec.

Two quotes from Adam, from the show, for those who collect them. “Everything I learned I learned from porn” and “That’s what I’m selling my lack of sincerity”. By the way Adam two shows in a row with no new names for A’s V.

A strong news segment follows. Alsion plays a clip of Barney Frank letting one rip during a televised interview. The nice thing about Adam is he doesn’t let his conservative bent interefere with his support of an elderly, liberal, congressman’s right to fart. Of course this was right in Adam’s wheelhouse still I kept laughing.

Two airplane pieces during the news got a good bit of attention. One was the potential Olympian who was caught urinating on a twelve year old female fellow passenger. The other story was a renegade bat that got lose on a plane. At this point he could probably have an intern compile all of his airplane bits and get another book out of it.

The back end of the show was taken up by telling tales of the semi mythical ex Carolla croney, Dave. This you have to listen to yourself, it’s worth it.

It seems over the last few podcasts Bald Bryan has been more active which is great. Alison is still new to the show and Bryan is a link to so many past Carolla escapades. Liked Teresa Strasser but I love Alison Rosen. In a way Teresa was to professional and it always seemed like she was slumming until something better came along. She was funny and competent but Alison blurts out gems and cackles like a little kid when amused.

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