To Be Read Over the Radio Between the Hours of Midnight and 6 a.m.

virgin ears open with the sunrise
like soft tulip petals in the spring
these are the hours when a saintly
hush falls over the land
these are the hours when sinners
run and hide their words

during these hours all is holy
all is good
law-abiding christians take joy
in their freedom from depravity

going to work-only clean thoughts
going to school-only good thoughts
going to a friends-only pure thoughts
going for home-only gods thoughts

yes these are the hours safe for children
the hours when only war,
and money,
and power,
and greed,
the hours when only god,
and capital,
and materials,
and freedom are talked about
hours of splendid safety from the heathen, pagan, masses
the unruly sinners who desecrate the unchristian hours
flaunt their sin in words and deeds,
and drive the new puritans
surely to bed

and as the day moves on to the dreaded night
their faces only give away the fear that their ears and eyes know
the fear of the hours drawing into the thickness of evil
and they move softly into the warmth of their homes
just in time to miss the slinking demon-men now freed by night
freed from the chains binding and cutting as gods-will
freed from the tyranny of saintly human law

so the spirit of the old dead jew comes out to howl
and in the early part of the sinners’ night
we can hear his words echoing their evil message
into the hearts of the living even today

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