Top 5 Gardening Mistakes You Can Make

I love to garden. I love preparing the soil, picking out what I am going to plant, and getting outside to pull weeds. At times I run into some problems. Sometimes I feel I don’t have the greenest thumb and I have learned how to change my gardening up, from my mistakes. There are some big nos for gardening and here they are.

Over Watering. Over watering your gardening is a big mistake that is easy to make. Over watering is a problem for quit a few reasons. Over watering drowns the plants, can cause rot, and can freeze the roots if done at the wrong time of day. This can ruin your garden and you wont get to enjoy your garden produce.

Wrong Time. Starting your garden at the wrong time for each plant can be a big mistake in gardening. A common problem that I have made more then once. When starting your garden study the plants you are choosing. You don’t want to end up planting too late in the season or too early. This will prevent you from getting quality produce or any at all. Which can be a bit devastating.

Wrong Plant Choice. When choosing your plants make sure their compatible with where you live. Choosing plants that cannot grow well where you live can be a problem when you garden. So look at the right zones for the right seasons to get the right plants to grow. Choosing an easy maintenance plant or hardier plant can make your gardening much easier.

Poor Soil. Having a poor soil is going to really make your gardening much more difficult. Hard soil makes it hard for your plants to grow well. It is important to find a good garden soil mix at your local store. Work it into your ground soil and make a healthier soil for your garden. Doing this helps the roots to grow and stay stable. I have noticed that just starting a garden in a hard dirt ,I have in my yard, prevents my plants from producing and growing fast enough.

No Fence. When gardening, don’t forget the barrier to keep out unwanted pests. I have many pests that tend to get in my garden such as dogs, squirrels, and birds. Setting up some sort of fencing barrier to keep them out will be very important to your garden. I prefer to have a chicken wire and wood fence. I have the wood fence boxed around my garden and then I have chicken wire nailed to that making it sturdy and it keeps the pests out!

These are the top five mistakes I have made in gardening and have learned to do differently. So when starting a garden remember these five worst mistakes you can make. Keep in mind gardening will teach you as time goes on so make sure you have fun.

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