Top Three Pillows that Provide the Best Support

Having the right pillow is the key to waking up rested and refreshed. So after test-driving several pillows recently, here are the top three pillows that provided the best support.

Sobakawa Buck Pillow ( $20 at
If you wake up with neck pain in the morning, you may want to buy a buckwheat pillow. They conform to the body, providing excellent support and they don’t sink at night which is common for pillows. Plus, the Sobakawa Pillow allows air to flow freely which keeps the head cool. For a long time, neck pain was something I was dealing with on a day to day basis. Once I started sleeping on the Sobakawa Pillow, I began to not only sleep better but my neck was no longer hurting.

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow ($39.99 at
Another pillow that great for aches and pains is the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow. Its completely customizable by filling the water table to different levels. You can adjust the height and firmness to fit your needs. When I first came across the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow, I thought it would feel weird to sleep on a pillow filled with water. However, it really improves sleep quality and reduce pain. I take this pillow with me when I travel and it provides the relief while on the road.

Brookstone Better than Down Standard Pillows ($50 at
Down pillows are the best of the best but can be pretty pricey. So great alternative is the Brookstone Better than Down Standard Pillows. The polyester in the pillows makes them feel like down but only difference is that they’re hypoallergenic, easier to care for and less expensive. They’re also very versatile and work well for all sleep positions. No matter if I’m sleeping on my side, back or stomach, I still get the same support which is something that most pillows don’t provide. Plus, it comes in a set of two which means double the comfort.

Pillows play a big part in our lives. Sleeping on one that doesn’t provide right support could really impact your health. I used to sleep on flat pillows all the time until I realize that’s the reason why I’m waking up still tired and achy. Investing in quality pillows for home and travel have made a huge difference in my health. I now get the support and rest I need, no matter where I’m at.

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