Wanted Sports Guest for Internet Based Sports Show Outlaw Sports Radio

Hello my name is Micheal Tomsik and I own Outlaw Sports Radio.
I am known as the Outlaw Micheal Tomsik and I have been doing live broadcasting since 1999 from Jacksonville Florida. Over the past three years I have worked with local teams in the Jacksonville area such as the Jacksonville Sharks, Jacksonville Axemen, Jacksonville Roller Derby Girls, Deadgame Fight School, First Full Contact, and other MMA events.

I have been featured on ESPN and Sirus Radio, and featured on ABC, NBC and CBS news.

To explain myself would take forever. To make it simple I do not run a show on the radio any more. My show is based on the World Wide Web using a company called Blog Talk Radio.
The reason I choose to go to the internet instead of radio is a long story but lets just say I like to do things my way. I am open to doing my show on any radio station as long as they do not try to change it. Trust me they try all the time!

Anyway I am sure you do not want to hear about me after all IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!
So this is how it works and what I can do!

The first step is for you to contact me if you want to be a guest on the show:
[email protected] I do not give out my number online..sorry to many crazy people.

Second step is we set a day and time for you to be on the show. Currently my studio is not set up to dail out so you must call into the show. The studio line is 347-857-4417!
You can have anyone call in or listen live on the internet, cell phone, ipod or even download the show about 10 to 15 minutes after the show is over. People can go directly to the main web page
www.outlawsportsradio.com and listen live on Blog Talk Radio as well.

However I will warn you I am unlike any other radio or internet sports talk show I also decided that I would do live YOUTUBES and USTREAMS of events, games, interviews and shows.

Also I have built up a fan base using the socal network on Facebook and Myspace as well.
That is not all. I am on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL and on over 500 other web pages.

The Interviews are 30 minutes and I sched them Monday to Friday between 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. EST
The interviews are based on available slots. NO I NEVER CHARGE A FEE FOR ANYTHING I DO.

Also I have a Blog page www.outlawreview.com and I host another show as well The Outlaw Review on Blog Talk Radio.

If you are in the Jacksonville area I am willing to come to your event and take photos, or even broadcast it live for free. If you are out of the area we may have to talk about a small fee.
I am also seeking sponsors for my show! It is really simple you get free advertising every show!
The rates are $100.00 to $250.00 per month and if your intrested than contact me.

I am currently seeking guest and co-host for the sports show, you can call from anywhere in the world all you need is a phone to call in.


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