Wardrobe Essentials that Every Lady Should Have

There are three simple requirements that every girl (no matter her age) needs to be classy and fabulous. You might think I’m referring to personality traits – not here! I’m talking about wardrobe pieces that are both versatile and necessary for everyday life. The following 10 items will rock your wardrobe and your world! Fasten your seat belt and get ready to take a ride into the world of style.

1. A Little Black Dress

A little black dress is the most valuable possession a lady can have. She can wear it during any season in a zillion different ways (well maybe not a zillion, but you get the point). The right l.b.d. can withstand the test of time and can be worn over and over again with completely different looks.

Need something new to wear to work in the winter? Layer the dress with a rich brown wool sweater, add chunky neutral bangles and pull on brown leather riding books.

Got a sorority formal coming up during the spring? Dress it up with a string of pearls and patent leather black pumps. For extra fabulous points, don an updo.

Headed out to lunch on a summer afternoon? Cover up your l.b.d. with a denim jacket, colorful jewelry, a bright clutch and playful sandals.

Nailed a job interview in the fall? No better time to wear your little black dress with a simply black blazer, neutral make up, light nail polish, and minimal silver or gold jewelry.

These are just a few outfit examples of how little black dress can get a lot of mile-age out of it. If you are going to splurge when shopping do it on a l.b.d. rather than on a loud dress that you wear once and store in the back of your closet.

2. A White Button Down Shirt

Were talking plain white. No frills, no stripes, no fancy buttons. The beauty of this simple item is that you can wear it with just about anything.

A white button down can make any outfit instantly look crisp and classic. White button downs are great layering tools as you can add on to them with sweater vests, blazers, crew neck sweaters, and cardigans. They look great with colored or madras shorts, skirts of any fun color, cords, or jeans.

Nothing to wear? A white button down combined with skinny jeans, ballet flats, and a simply headband is a perfectly preppy outfit that will always look good.

Make sure you’re white shirt is ironed before you walk out of the front door because a wrinkly shirt will turn your outfit from classic to unpolished.

3. Black Ballet Flats

Black ballet flats are a phenomenal staple to every wardrobe. They look phenomenal with l.b.d.s and white button down shirts (our last two must have wardrobe pieces).

The best part about buying them is that you won’t feel guilty spending on them because they can be worn at work and at play! Besides wearing them to the office, black ballet flats are great to wear on your commute to work. Before you arrive at the office you can slip them off and toss them into your bag in exchange of you put on your classy and sassy pumps. Your toes will thank you!

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