Ways to Fake a Prettier Face

I love trying to figure out what it is that makes a person beautiful. To some, beauty seems elusive and mysterious. To others, it is a scientific calculation of facial and feature shape, size, and ratio. And while scientists have been studying beauty for hundreds of years, fashion magazines and media have reached similar conclusions on what it is to be beautiful. In my work in the beauty industry, I’ve found that scientists and stylists alike agree on these ideals of beauty.

A symmetrical, oval shaped face. Scientists and makeup artists alike seem to agree that a beautiful face is oval and proportionate. That isn’t to say that a round or square face can’t be beautiful, it just helps. First, choose a hairstyle that complements your face to help it seem more oval and symmetrical. If your face is very round, a style with volume on top can slim it. If your face is very square, curls and waves around the jaw and temples can soften it. If your face is long and thin, volume on the sides can make it appear fuller. You can use bronzer to contour your face. Just apply – and blend – bronzer in the areas that need to be a little slimmer. Apply a highlighter to areas, such as cheek bones or chin, that need to be more prominent.

Even skin tone. For some reason, even skin tone is a marker of youth and beauty. Use a good concealer to hide blemishes and dark circles or spots. Use a medium weight, liquid foundation to even out skin tone without making fine lines look more prominent. Finish with a light dusting of powder to prevent shine.

A small nose. Use a lighter colored foundation straight down the front of your nose and slightly darker foundation on the sides of your nose to slim it. Just make sure to blend well.

Large, wide set eyes. Large eyes seem to be a big marker of beauty. Use a light colored shadow on your lids to make them seem more open. Use a very thin line of black eye liner to line your eyes and make them look bigger. Make the line slightly thicker in the middle of the upper eye lash line, and extend the line out past the outer corners of your eyes to make them look even wider and bigger. Curl your lashes, and complete the look with two coats of black mascara.

Arched eye brows. Groomed, arched eyebrows open up the face, elongating it a bit and making it look more symmetrical. Get professional help for your brows because it can be hard to get them to match.

Pouty lips. Full, pouty lips are also a sign of beauty and youth. If your lips are small, use a light colored lipstick to make them look bigger and put a dab of clear gloss just in the center of your bottom lip. If your lips are big and full, a dark lipstick will make them look slightly smaller.

It’s ok if you want to aspire to a certain aspect of beauty. But remember that nothing is more beautiful than a self-assured, happy woman with a great smile.

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