Whe Else Want to Know What is Amalaki? – the Secret of the Great Rejuvenator

Many people ask what is Amalaki. In English, it means Indian gooseberry or Emblic. The plant produces green to yellow-green fruit, which has a lightly bitter but pleasant taste. In south Asia, predominantly in India, the gooseberry fruit is an ultimate ingredient in most medications and tonic. The ability of the fruit to restore cellular health earns its reputation as the Great Rejuvenator. Although it might be new to some foreign lands, Amalaki is an age-old cure and remedy. Its reputation dates back to 5 millennia, and it is so potent, and safe that it is still in use today. It has certainly no side effects.

The fruit extract of Amalaki has no side effects which is quite suitable for young and adults. Convalescing patients are recuperating rapidly due to its restorative properties. It will allow any patient to recover from any illness. The cellular activity enhancement is garnering a huge recognition and support by numerous medical doctors. Numerous clinical studies are now underway to explore new possibilities of medical applications for new diseases.

Zrii The Original Amalaki, is the most impressive source of the extract which is in liquid form. No other form of the extracts provides maximum potency, than Zrii. The pristine environment from where the plant grows attribute to its purest form. It has no tint of any pesticide now fertilizer. The organic plant undergoes a modern extraction method; picked, extracted and packed, on the same day, to ensure the best quality of the product.

Potent and Reliable source of Nutrients

What is Amalaki and why is it so powerful? The liquid fruit extract does not only helps restore the proper cellular activity it also has phytochemical and carotenoid. Phytochemicals are nutrients found in plants also known as antioxidants. It deters cancer cells from growing and spreading. Carotenoids on the other hand are precursors of vitamin A, also an antioxidant. It is a special kind of color pigment of the plant which converts to vitamin A. In order to have a healthy immune system carotenoid are essential for proper health maintenance. So, what is Amalaki and how does it restores the health?

Here, are the most notable effects of Amalaki:

• It is the best defense for people who are constantly exposed to pollution.

• Heals and prevents inflammatory diseases.

• Eradicates viruses and bacteria in the body.

• Maintains normal blood glucose levels.

• Lowers cholesterol and lipids in the blood.

• Enhances sexual prowess.

• Helps restore hair and prevents baldness.

• Boosts the immune system and energy levels.

• Rejuvenates skin and eye cells and prevents cataracts.

• Improves vision and memory.

• Protects liver, kidney, heart and lungs.

• Aids in quick recovery from a disease.

A calm and sound mind – perfect body and mind wellness

A healthy body needs a healthy mind. Yes, in order to have a healthy body, the mind must be in perfect balance, which is free of stress and depression. What is Amalaki and its relation to a sound mind is a medical principle of Ayurveda. According to the Ayurvedic texts, the mind and body must have equilibrium. Stress and depression can deprive a person of a healthy body. Amalaki calms the mind and provide resistance to both oxidative and mental stress. If a person has a sound mind, then the body can function well, then the healing process begins. So, the next time if someone asks what is Amalaki – educate them.

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