Do eggs expire

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Raw eggs maintain their freshness for 4-5 weeks after purchase if kept refrigerated continuously. Let’s ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Do eggs expire?
Yes but ignore the date on them! It is always totally wrong as the supermarket covers there own backs by putting a really early date. your egg will easily last 2 weeks or more then the date
How long until eggs expire?
From Carton Dates Egg cartons from USDA-inspected plants must display a Julian date–the date the eggs were packed. Although not required, they may also carry an expiration date beyond which the eggs should not be sold. In USDA-insp…
Why do eggs expire?
Eggs may contain Salmonella Enteritidis (SE) bacteria that can cause foodborne illness. While the number of eggs affected is quite small, there have been cases of foodborne illness in the last few years. To be safe, eggs must be safely hand…

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how long after eggs expire is it still good to use?
Q: if the eggs in my fridge expired on nov 6th and I ate it today, what’s the most that can happen to me?
A: Put the eggs in question, in a pot full of cool water, if they sink they are still good and edible, if they float they are rotten, and discard them immediately.They will smell really bad if you crack them and could give you an awful tummy ache if consumed when rotten. My motto, “when in doubt, throw it out!”
Are eggs safe to eat weeks after they expire?
Q: I tossed out a carton of eggs today, because the expiration date said Jan. 27. My dimwitted father got angry at me, saying that eggs never expire? I on the other didn’t think so. Who’s actually correct here? Can eggs be eaten after they expire?
A: They actually can last for several months without going bad, but a lot depends on where they’re kept. If you keep them in the carton they last a lot longer than in the refrigerator door. No one can say for sure whether the eggs were still good or not because we don’t know how they were stored, but most likely the eggs were fine. Expiration dates are basically a worst case scenario and the people who decide those things assume the average consumer is going to not store stuff properly, so the eggs won’t last long. Plus, they’re covering their butt by making the date really close to the day you buy the eggs, so if there is one will a crack or something that does go bad, they can say, look, the carton of eggs is old.Check out my articles on keeping eggs fresh longer and knowing if they’re safe to eat for more information. I listed them in the sources section.
Does anyone know when yard/farm eggs expire?
Q: We have 4 hens as pets and they help with ants in the yard. I have never thought to eat their eggs…but with times getting tuff I want to start collecting the eggs…but if I collect them daily…when do they expire if I store them right away in the fridge?Thank you guys…I’m gathering 3-4 weeks…but when in doubt water test them. These are wonderful suggestions. The sharpie is a great idea as well.
A: You are easily good for a month, we have a dozen or so laying hens and we take a sharpie to the eggs as we collect them and jot the date they were collected onto the shells.
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