Does losing fat make you lose muscle

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No, if you lose fat you don’t lose muscle, but if you lose weight through starvation then youlose muscle and fat. Thanks ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How do I make my bum gain more muscle without losing fat??
I am competing in a Bikini Competition in a couple of months and I want my bum to be really toned. It’s toned quite a bit now and it’s a good size so I don’t want to lose any fat off of it, but I want my bum to be really firm and muscley yo…
How do I make sure I’m losing fat and not muscle??
In some senses, you can’t. One of the major disadvantages of an exercise program that is entirely cardiovascular is that it will always promote some muscle tissue loss. Your body wants to maintain the minimum amount of muscle tissue it can …
Will running over the summer make me lose fat and muscles, that w…?
Do not starve your self(it never works, although that’s the first thought that crosses anyone’s mind when thinking to lose weight)Eating more frequently, and in small servings, can prevent over-eating. This will also increase your metabolis…

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How to lose fat without losing muscle?
Q: i heard every pound of fat you lose you lose 20% muscles – sounds confusing. There’s a very thin line for me, i f i eat too less i lose too much weight if i eat a lot i look healthy but gain fat, i DO workout ( body weight, no weights) but then still i gain fat so is there a way of doing CARDIO without losing muscle?i dont want to do weights because im still not fully grown yet.
A: I’m liking Seagulls answer. Finally someone I can agree with.I wouldn’t listen to wherever you got that info (1lb of fat loss = 20% muscle). Well the best way to lose fat while keeping muscle is to lift weights with high weight and low reps. And lifting weights does not stunt growth, that myth has been proven wrong on multiple occasions. It’s better to start lifting when you’re still growing, because then it’s much easier to gain muscle.But doing just cardio, like Seagull said, something like HIIT would work well. Interval work is best to keep from losing muscle. Something like sprint for 1 minute then walk for one minute thing. Put everything you have into a short amount of time (will also help with speed a little if you do sprints).Diet-wise goes along with what Seagull said too. Eating fewer calories than your maintanence level (number of calories your body burns, so your weight stays the same). Get plenty of protein which will help with repairing muscles.
How can I lose fat without losing muscle?
Q: I’m restricting my food intake in order to lose weight (1000 cals a day) as I want to lose 20 lbs in a month or 2. But I’ve heard this will just make me lose muscle and not fat. If I do heaps of exersize will this burn fat instead of muscle?Dont judge me btw i really need to do this
A: Hi. You can never burn muscle, only fat with exercise. The best form of exercise to burn fat and, more importantly, to keep it off is interval training.This is short bursts of intense activity. An example would be to walk a few minutes, then run, then walk, without rest in between.So if you use weights do a whole circuit of exercises without rest, then rest 60secs and start another uninterrupted circuit. You will burn fat and build muscle while at rest.You only burn fat and build muscle when at rest not when you are exercising. That is why its important to not work the same body parts 2 days in a row. In terms of diet just remember to burn more calories than you consume.Also remember a well balanced diet, exercise and the correct mental attitude will guarantee you success.
How do I lose fat without losing muscle?
Q: I have an appreciable amount of muscle but I also have an appreciable amount of fat. What are some good tips to preserve the muscle while losing pure bodyfat? Can noticeable results be seen in 3 months of sticking with a good workout and diet lifestyle?
A: Coming from a personal trainers perspective, the fastest and most effective way to reduce fat and retain muscle is to rely on the old tricks of cardiovascular exercise, while maintaining a healthy diet with high protein, and staying on a weight training routine. Try walking (fast-paced) on a treadmill 3-4 times a week for about 45-60 minutes per session. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated. Other types of cardio that can be incorporated into your fitness routine include a stair-step, eliptical machine, or stationary bike. If being in the gym all day is not your thing, try taking a pet for a long walk, or riding bikes at night with the kids. Keeping the heart rate elevated at a steady but safe level will keep the calories burning (meaning, it’s not necessary to run like crazy to lose weight; brisk walking is just as effective). Always consult the help of a trained and certified professional before starting an exercise routine. But don’t forget that without the proper diet, all your cardio will be a waste. Up your protein and veggies, and keep a moderately low carb intake. (Do not competely erradicate carbs from your diet. Contrary to popular belief, all carbs are not bad)
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