How do I gain weight faster

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Eat 6 meals a day, eat more protein and more simple carbs, cut back on cardio but up your strength training workouts. ChaCha! Call in for unlimited ChaCha Answers. 1.800.2ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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・ 1 Eat balanced meals with protein, veggetables and starches like potatoes and whole wheat bread. Increase… ・ 2 Eat nutritiously at each meal and add in two extra snacks per day, to help you gain weight fast. At… ・ 3 Drink milk and j…
Gaining Weight Faster Eat peanut butter and bananas.
Get protein shake and have that on a regular basis. Eat plenty of protein and carbohydrate food such as meat, eggs, fish, dairy, baked potato etc. Try and stay off too much fatty food as that would effect your health. And start going gym on…

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How can I gain weight faster?
Q: I am 20 years old and I am pretty skinny, yet naturally muscular. I have been eating more these past couple of months and I have noticed weight gain, but its not substantial enough. I first noticed my face getting fat then my legs. My body is really narrow and im not really happy with it.I want to know if there is a faster way to gain weight, i especially want weight on my arms; they are so skinny. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
A: do not eat breakfast and eat big meals for lunch and supper, snack on healthy food. if you eat a bunch of surgery fatty food you will not like where the fat appears. do weight lifting to get your arms more muscular.
Which help you gain weight faster, meal replacement bars or weight gain milkshakes?
Q: I’m 19 and only weigh 135. I workout fairly often, but I don’t want to become a body builder or anything. Would the replacement bars or weight gain shakes work better and faster?
A: food
How can i gain weight fast to get faster and stronger without steriods?
Q: I am a freshman this year i play college football and i want to start at corner but i am alot light i only weigh 163 pound and my bench is terrible i am pretty good at alll the other lifts and pretty fast but i want to weigh 185 and i want to get there as fast as possible what can i do to gain weight i eat just as much as the linebackers and lineman that are here and i have only gained three pounds so can some one please help me out
A: This Will Helpful To You,
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