How many calories are in a bag of potato chips

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Potato chips come in many different size bags, but you can calculate your bag by knowing 1 oz is 150 calories. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How many calories does a bag of potato chips have?
A bag of chips have atleast a minimum of 120 calories
Are the calories for potato chips measured per chip or the entire…?
Its listed in oz., but it will say something like this.. Serving Size 1 oz. (28g/about 13 chips) Servings per container about 13 Calories 130 Its listed in oz, but it tell you how many chips that is (13) and it has 13 chips 13 times in the …
Does it take to get the same number of calories as a bag of potat…?
The recipe for “Chicken Feed” is in on page 28 of your Student Activity

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are the calories for potato chips measured per chip or the entire bag?
Q: example: say it has 200 calories, does that mean it is 200 calories for the entire bag or 200 calories per chip
A: Look on the serving size… It will tell you the amount for (1 bag) if it is a small bag or a lg size bag will give you an amount of chips in a serving size.
Solving for Calories in a Potato Chip bag Alegbra Help?
Q: Heres the question”According to the package, one serving of potato chips contains 20 chips and 6 grams of fat. If there are 9 calories in 1 gram of fat, how many calories are there in 24 potato chips?”Please show me how you got your answer.Thanks
A: 1 grams = 9 calories6 grams = 6 x 9 calories6 grams = 54 calories20 chips = 6 grams20 chips = 54 calories1 chip = 54/20 calories24 chips = (54/20) x 24 24 chips = (54/5) x 624 chips = 324/524 chips = 64.8 calories——————ANSWER
Am i doing ok on my diet? How many calories did i eat today?
Q: I had a footlong turkey with the following:mustardprovolonelettucepicklewheat breadsalt and pepperit was a footlong. I’m not going to eat anything else today. For breakfast i had a bowl of special K with skim milk and a slice of pineapple. For lunch i had a bag of baked potato chips, and the sub was my dinner. Is this ok? How many calories did i eat today? Please note i don’t pig out like this everyday. Off for my run! Thanks ahead of time!
A: I dont think you should be that worried about itI mean your calorie intake was probably no more than 1500, which is good.Special k isnt the best cearal you can have, oatmeal is GREAT for you, and its good you had some fruit with your breakfast.Lunch wasnt so good… but hey, it was just one day.And the sub, really dont worry about it. Its way better than a big mac with some fries and a coke. Its good you go to subway other than micky d’s or burger king. Like i said, it was probably 1500 calories tops. Go for your run and it will be fine 🙂
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