How many calories are in a hardboiled egg

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There are 25 calories in an 1.8 oz. serving. Good healthy choice of food, chacha on. [ Source: ]
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How many calories in large hardboiled egg?
One egg will have about 80 calories in it.
How many calories in one hardboiled egg WHITE
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Does anyone know about how many calories are in a hard boiled egg…?
Eggs are a naturally nutrient-dense food, which means they have a high proportion of nutrients to calories. One large egg has only 75 calories and provides 13 essential nutrients in varying amounts. Eggs are an excellent source of choline a…

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How many calories in a hardboiled egg with the yolk?
A: There are 78 calories in one boiled, hard/soft egg. It’s it s also a good source of protein having about 6.3g. But most importantly it is a great source of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 26mg, that helps in processing amino acids and fats, activates vitamin B6 and folic acid. it can also act as a antioxidant under some conditions.
How many calories are in a hardboiled egg w/o the yolk?
A: 16 calories, 2 gm protein.
how many calories in a hardboiled egg?
Q: fat and sodium too if ya got it
A: One large hardboiled egg (1.8 oz) contains:Calories: 78Fat: 5.3 gramsSaturated Fat: 1.6 gramsCholesterol: 212 mgProtein: 6.3 gramsSodium: 62 mgCarbohydrates: 0.6 gramsBest of luck!
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