How many calories are in baby carrots

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Baby carrots have 5 calories. ChaCha again! [ Source: ]
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How many calories does baby carrots have?
4 calories on average.
How many calories are in 20 baby carrots?
there are about 4 calories in each baby carrot, therefore there are about 80 calories in 20 baby carrots.
How much negative calories do baby carrots have?
On some diets, they actually tell you not to eat carrots because they have a higher sugar content. (Atkins & South Beach) But they are healthy and you do exercise while eating them (chewing is more fun than tapping your fingers and toes…

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How many calories are baby carrots?
Q: How many calories are baby carrots?A single baby carrot stick?
A: your ana right because only someone with ana would ask that. it’s 4 calories ok.
Approx. how many calories ae in baby carrots?
Q: Some idiot in my house threw the package away, and I want a snack but I dont know how many calories are in these carrotsthank you!!!Its fresh baby carrots (peeled)
A: Here is a great site I use when watching calories and want to know how much is in something I don’t have the packaging or info for. can change the quantity of the food you are looking for the calories for to get the most accurate count. This site has just about any food you can think of on it. Even foods by store brand! The link is for baby carrots 3 oz but you can change it.
How many calories are in 4 baby carrots and a macadamia nut?
Q: Just wondering. =)Estimates are ok.
A: hmm, baby carrots for 3 oz, thats about 14 pieces is about 35 claories.. so each baby carrot would be 0.4 calories times 4 which equals to 1.6 calories.. and the nut if i am not wrong…1 oz (10-12) consists about 203 calories so each peice has about .06 calories.. total.. 1.6+.06 equals.. (do the math..!!) =]
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