How many calories are in rum

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Rum has 56 calories and 0 fat grams per shot. A Rum and Coke cocktail has 240 calories. ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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How many calories in Rum?
56 calories a shot glass that answer is a little misleading for a 2.5ounce shot of rum/vodka/gin… there is an average of 100-150 calories per shot. There is an average of 50 calories in a 1ounce shot which is something that you will not r…
What has more calories, vodka or rum?
White rum and vodka are about the same. Dark rum has far more of the molasses base left and is loaded with sugar. Want a real sugar rush along with your buzz? Meyer’s or Goslings black rum with real Coke! Wheeeeeee! Best wishes!
Does rum & vodka have calories?
Of course they are loaded. I prefer vodka over rum anyday but thats my opinion.
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