How many calories does one corn on the cob have

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There are 120 calories in one large ear of corn without butter. Dial 1-800-2ChaCha for unlimited questions! [ Source: ]
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How many calories in one corn on a cob?
Approximately 155 calories.
How many calories on one boiled corn on the cob??
One medium ear of sweet yellow corn contains 77 calories.
How many calories in a corn in the cob?
with butter: 155 calories without butter: 120 calories

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How many calories in corn on the cob?
Q: I usually count my daily calorie intake and try to count as accurately as possible. i just picked up some corn on the cob from the supermarket and plan on boiling one tonight and having it on the side of a turkey burger for dinner with NO butter or salt. anyone know how many calories one medium-sized ear of corn is? i looked it up and got some pretty different numbers ranging from 44 cals to 120 cals. i don’t know which one to go with! thanks!
A: ok CHILL, it’s corn on the cob, it’s healthy! and you aren’t even having butter or salt. If you stress too much about calories you may be doing more harm than good, didn’t you know stress makes you gain weight?
How many calories do you get from corn on the cob?
Q: This is sort of a gross question, but I really am serious. How many calories do you get from corn-on-the-cob. It seems to me that when I eat it, it all comes out the other end.
A: The right answer is actually 59 calories in corn on cob (for 1 ear weighing a bit more than 2 oz or 64 gr).I’ve checked it for you on the USDA site: “corn cob” and you’ll get all the options and full details.Don’t forget that if you add butter you get plenty more calories than just calories in corn! :-)For more information on calories in corn you can check out this site as well: well and stay healthy!T.
how many calories is a corn on the cob? without butter? is corn healthy?
Q: sometimes i just like eating corn staight from the tin? is tinned corn bad for you? too much salt? which has less calories?corn on the corn or a tin of corn? thanksoh and does anyone know any healthy sweetcorn recipes? much thanks
A: Yes, tinned corn is bad for you … there is far too much salt in it, and if you eat it as a vegetable, you don’t get the vitamins and minerals you need. Corn is a starchy carbohydrate, not a vegetable. Fresh corn on the cob is best. If possible, grill it on the barbecue (take the strings out, tie the husk (leaves) on and cook. You can eat it plain or you can add a little butter … it’s very yummy. If you have a cat, leave a bit of corn on the cob and give the cob to the cat … they go nuts for corn on the cob. The healthiest sweet corn recipe I know is the one for grilling … you may also take the husks and strings off and boil it in water or steam it. It’s best if it’s cooked before it’s taken off the cob, but you may also use a filet knife and then eat the kernels cold, added to a salad or just plain if you want to eat it raw.
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