How many calories is in a mcdonalds angus burger

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The third-pound Angus with Bacon and Cheese packs 820 calories, 43g of fat, and 65g of carbohydrates. [ Source: ]
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How Many Calories In McDonalds Swiss Cheese Angus Burger??
Has to be at least 400, but couldn’t you go somewhere they sell real food instead?
How to make McDonalds angus burger mushrooms
・ 1 Everyone has their own special burger recipe they enjoy. If you need an idea simply place burgers in… ・ 2 While cooking burgers put on medium low to medium heat a small pot. Melt butter and add mushrooms…. ・ 3 Place on your burger. …
Why does the McDonalds Angus burger taste like crap?
They put more sophisticated ingredients in it, might not be for you.

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Calories in McDonalds Angus burger???
Q: If you dont have a calories count dont bother answering!!!!
A: An Angus Third Pounder burger contains between 720 calories to 860 calories, depending on the version. That compares to 740 calories for McDonald’s double Quarter Pounder and 540 for the Big Mac.
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