Is eating to many bananas bad for you

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Nicely ripe bananas they are a great source of carbohydrate, potassium & magnesium, and you don’t have to stop at one a day. [ Source: ]
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Is it bad for you if you eat too many bananas??
Too many bananas mean two thing can happen physiologically: Firstly, bananas contain high quantities of potassium. Sodium and potassium are essential for the transference of fluid in/and out of cells that make up our tissues, organ and musc…
Why is eating too many bananas bad for you?
Excessive Potassium can be a problem, but I doubt you could eat enough bananas to trigger it. I understand that the Durian fruit is so high in potassium that it can be a health problem for certain individuals.
Is eating too many bananas bad for health?
If you eat too much of anything, it’s bad for your health. If you ate too many bananas, you would probably get sick of them and it wouldn’t do much good for you. You should only eat bananas for one of these reasons, a snack, a light meal, a…

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Is eating too many bananas bad for health?
Q: What happens if we eat too many bananas? Is it bad or good for our health
A: Eating Bananas are not bad for you they can even help your body, but on the other hand Bananas are a high fat food. If you eat like 3 a day that’s probably not the best thing for you but if you eat like one a day that’s fine.
Are bananas bad for you if you eat too many?
Q: Sometimes I’ll eat up to 5 bananas a day. This isn’t very often though, I only buy bananas about once every two months or so. I like to change things up a bit.I know that there’s potassium in bananas and if you have too much it could make you constipated, but I was wondering if that was the only bad effect.I was also wondering what type of bananas is best for your health. Green bananas, browning bananas, plantains, etc…?Your help is very appreciated!
A: I don’t think you’ll o.d. on potassium from 5 bananas. You’ll have to eat a heck of alot more for that. But too much of anything is not good. Even water can poison your system if you drink too much of it too quickly. But that’s also in the very extreme. If you love bananas but fear constipation, try making banana-applesauce fiber muffins (you can use All-Bran cereal as a base). Kills two birds with one stone and tastes pretty yummy.
I want to lose weight is eating bananas good or bad?
Q: Some people say bananas are fatty for people who trying to loose weight but is it really?
A: Bananas are good for you but they are not a food for losing weight. Stay away from fad diets if you really want to lose the weight and keep it off. Don’t go on a diet, make a life style change and quit eating foods that are bad for you. I went on the “cave-man diet” 2 years ago. It’s low carb and the rule is, if a cave-man didn’t have it, you don’t need it. No bread, pasta, cereal, sugar, or processed foods. You have to actually prepare and cook your food. I cheat with cheese, some sauces, and artificial sweeteners in my coffee and tea. I eat plenty of veggies, meat and some fruits in moderation.I’ve lost 110 pounds and I’ve Kept it off. Keeping it off is the biggest problems with Diets. People reach their goal and then quit their diet and gain all the weight back with a few extra pounds.Make a lifestyle change, don’t go on a diet.
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