Is fish meat

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Yes. All meats share similarities such as being a part of an animal and being made of protein. ChaCha!! [ Source: ]
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No of course not, fish is not a meat! Some people even cant eat meat so they eat fish. Meats are like chicken steak hamburger and things like that.
technocly no but these are the guidlines: Pescaterian=eats no meat but does sea food Lactose vegetarian=no animals themeselves but does their products e.g; cheese, milk e.t.c vegan=eats no animals or animal products fruitaterian= eats only …
It’s something to do about religion, but I can’t remember what. For some reason Catholics are allowed to eat fish on friday during lent, which is when we aren’t allowed to have meat.

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If you have a omnivore fish do you have to feed it meat and plants?
Q: I am thinking of getting some fish, now, if I get some carnivore fish and some omnivore fish do I have to feed the omnivore fish meat and plants or anything? If this matters the two omnivore fish are a Maroon Clown fish and a Lonngnose Butterfly fish.
A: there are special pelleted or flaked food for omnivores
Can I buy fake fish meat at grocery stores?
Q: I am becoming a vegetarian, and have wanted to for a while. The only thing that has held me back is my love for fish meat, lobster, shrimp, crab, fishes, scallops ect. I’ve had fake lobster before at a chinese resteraunt. Can I buy fake lobster, crap, and fish meats at stores? If not, I’m still becoming a veg, but I’m very curious.Thanks!
A: Although it’s true that “imitation crab” (also sometimes called “crabstick”) is made from another kind of fish, I have seen “fake fish” before. I specifically remember fake shrimp, though I think there were other kinds.It was at a local specialty store called “Garden of Eden” that carries a lot of organic, vegetarian and vegan foods. Your best bet would be to try local co-ops or independent stores. I don’t think they carry fake fish at any big grocery chains.
If fish meat is fish chicken is chicken and so on, why is the meat of a cow called beef?
Q: Fish meat is Fish. Chicken meat is Chicken. Lamb meat is Lamb. Why is the meat from cows called beef?
A: why isn’t the meat of a pig called pig?
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