What are foods high in protein

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Some high protein foods include, poultry,beans,eggs & nuts and seeds. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-foods-high-in-protein ]
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Foods like eggs, milk, spinach, soybean, quinoa, meat, fish, whole grains, rice, beans, legumes, corn, oats, peas and peanut butter are good sources of high protein foods. The table gives the protein content of foods. Beef Hamburger patty, …
The average protein content of foods below is listed in grams beside the name of the food. The grams of protein may vary slightly between brands of each food. Read the labels of packaged items like protein powders and include this protein a…
Meats are the highest, as they are a complete protein, with the exception of soy products, apparently the only vegetarian item which is a complete protein. Otherwise, beans, lentils, etc. Very high but have to be eaten in combination with a…

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what are some high protein foods for a vegetarian?
Q: i just wondering becuz im a vegetarian and i need to know what are some foods high in protein that isnt meatand i dont eat fish
A: AlfalfaAmaranth LeavesArrowheadArrowrootArtichokes – Cooked ArtichokesArtichokes – Frozen ArtichokesArtichokes – RawArugulaAsparagus – Canned AsparagusAsparagus – Cooked AsparagusAsparagus – Frozen AsparagusAsparagus – RawBalsam-pear (bitter gourd)Bamboo shoots – RawBeans – Fava BeansBeans – Green BeansBeans – Kidney Beans – Cooked Kidney BeansBeans – Kidney Beans – RawBeans – Lima BeansBeans – Mung BeansBeans – Navy BeansBeans – Pinto BeansBeans – Shellie BeansBeans – Yellow BeansBeet greens – Cooked Beet greensBeets – Canned BeetsBeets – Cooked BeetsBeets – RawBorageBroadbeansBroccoli – Chinese BroccoliBroccoli – Cooked BroccoliBroccoli – Frozen BroccoliBroccoli – Raab BroccoliBroccoli – RawBrussel sprouts – Cooked Brussel sproutsBrussel sprouts – Frozen Brussel sproutsBrussel sprouts – RawBurdockButterburCabbageCabbage – Chinese CabbageCabbage – Japanese StyleCabbage – Mustard CabbageCabbage – Napa CabbageCabbage – Red CabbageCabbage – Savoy CabbageCabbage – Swamp CabbageCardoonCarrots – Canned CarrotsCarrots – Carrot JuiceCarrots – Cooked CarrotsCarrots – Dehydrated CarrotsCarrots – Frozen CarrotsCarrots – RawCassavaCauliflower – Cooked CauliflowerCauliflower – Frozen CauliflowerCauliflower – Green CauliflowerCauliflower – RawCeleriacCeleryCeltuceChardChayoteChicoryChivesChrysanthemumCloud EarsColeslawCollardsCoriander (Cilantro)Corn – Corn PuddingCorn – Canned CornCorn – Sweet White CornCorn – Sweet Yellow CornCornsaladCowpeas (Blackeyes)CucumberDandelion greensDockEggplantEndiveEpazoteEppawFennelFiddlehead fernsFireweedGarden CressGarlicGingerGourd – CalabashGourd – TowelgourdGrape LeavesHawaii Mountain YamHearts of PalmHorseradishHyacinth-beansJerusalem-artichokesJew’s ear (Pepeao)JuteKale Kanpyo (dried gourd strips)KohlrabiLambsquartersLeeksLemongrass (citronella)LentilsLettuceLotus rootMalabar spinachMixed VegetablesMushrooms – Canned MushroomsMushrooms – Cooked MushroomsMushrooms – Dried MushroomsMushrooms – RawMustard greensMustard spinachNew Zealand spinachNopalesOkraOnion – Onion ringsOnions – Canned OnionsOnions – Cooked OnionsOnions – Dehydrated Onion flakesOnions – Frozen OnionsOnions – Green OnionsOnions – RawParsleyParsnipsPeas – Canned PeasPeas – Cooked PeasPeas – Frozen PeasPeas – Peas and CarrotsPeas – Peas and OnionsPeas – RawPeppers – Canned PeppersPeppers – Cooked PeppersPeppers – Dried PeppersPeppers – Frozen PeppersPeppers – RawPicklePicklesPigeonpeasPimentoPoiPokeberry shoots (Poke)Potatoes – Canned PotatoesPotatoes – Cooked PotatoesPotatoes – Dried PotatoesPotatoes – Frozen PotatoesPotatoes – RawPumpkin – Canned PumpkinPumpkin – Cooked PumpkinPumpkin – RawPumpkin flowersPumpkin leavesPurslaneRadicchioRadish seedsRadishesRutabagasSalsify (vegetable oyster)SauerkrautSeaweedSesbania flowerShallotsSoybeansSpinach – Canned SpinachSpinach – Cooked SpinachSpinach – Frozen SpinachSpinach – RawSquah – Canned SquashSquash – Cooked SquashSquash – Frozen SquashSquash – RawSuccotash (corn and limas)Sweetpotato – Canned SweetpotatoSweetpotato – Cooked SweetpotatoSweetpotato – Frozen SweetpotatoSweetpotato – RawTaro – Cooked TaroTaro – RawTomatillosTomatoes – Canned TomatoesTomatoes – Cooked TomatoesTomatoes – Dried TomatoesTomatoes – RawTree fernTurnips – Cooked TurnipsTurnips – Frozen TurnipsTurnips – RawTurnips- Canned TurnipsVegetable juiceVinespinach (basella)Wasabi rootWaterchesnutsWatercressWaxgourd (Chinese preserving melon)Winged BeansYambean (jicama)YamsYardlong BeansYautia (tannier)Yeast extract spread
What are some really high protein foods for a vegetarian?
Q: I eat dairy and eggs still, but what are some really high protein foods I can eat often, maybe foods without prep, like veggies that have a lot of protein?(Cause I heard protein makes your hair grow faster! :p)Thanks!
A: Yuba – (Tofu skin)During the boiling of soy milk, in an open shallow pan, a film or skin composed primarily of a soy protein-lipid complex forms on the liquid surface. The films are collected and dried into yellowish sheets known as tofu skin or soy milk skin. Because it is derived directly from soy milk, the name tofu skin is technically inaccurate.Compose of 70-75% of protein.It is very rare in supermarkets but it is sold in some Chinese restaurants and Sushi bars.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuba_(food)Wheat Gluten(miàn jīn in Chinese) – Protein from Wheat. It is made by washing wheat flour dough with water until all the starch dissolves, leaving insoluble gluten as a gummy mass, which is subject to further processing. People who suffers from Gluten sensitivity can’t eat Gluten.It contains 80% protein.We can also make our own protein from chlorophyll which is found from dark green vegetables.ComparisonBearded seal game meat, air-dried – 82%Wheat Gluten, fresh – 80%Moose game meat, dried – 75%Tofu Skin ,fresh or rehydrated – 75%Pork skins, plain – 61%Mollusks, whelk, boiled or steamed – 47%Whitefish, smoked, baked – 42%Parmesan cheese, low sodium – 41%Salmon, king or chinook, smoked, brined – 39%Soybeans, dry, roasted – 39%Pork, cured, bacon, cooked, pan-fried – 38%Tofu – 10%Their are different kind of protein. Some are responsible for muscle growth and some are responsible for good skin and hair.Most of the animal protein only offers your good muscle but vegan source of protein offers you beautiful skin and good muscle growth. In fact, My friend tells me how good is soy milk to him and he has very big muscles, good skin, better complexion and healthy hair because vegetable protein contains methionine which is responsible for better complexion.
Recipes for high protein foods, for someone about to undergo radiation therapy?
Q: It is going to affect the neck area. So, the foods must be high protein, but easy to chew or not involve a lot of chewing. (protein shakes as well would be good)Side effects could be extreme sore throat, mouth pain, nausea, and loss of apetite/taste. This is why I need as much help as I can get. Thanks!
A: tuna sandwiches and peanut butter.
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