What is a fart

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A fart is a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-fart ]
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A “fart” is the release of gas (mostly methane) from the anal orifice. While a normal and sometimes unavoidable bodily function, the sound and smell associated with “passing gas” is a subject of low humor in many modern …
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When the body digests food, the bacteria in the intestines starts to break down whatever you ate. A byproduct of that process is gas; depending on what you eat determines the sound and the smell. Since it’s easier to move the gas downward, …

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Why did robert plant win the grammies? Is it because he is an old fart who old farts tell us is important?
Q: Seriously, this was a complete joke. I never even heard of the album. They did the same thing with herbie hancock last year. I’m 24 and I don’t clam to be a spokesperson for young people or anything like that but shouldn’t the grammys reflect what is actually popular today?
A: Dude…you mean to tell me you never heard of LED ZEPPELIN??????
Q: I have been dating a girl and she keeps telling me she wants me to fart in front of her. does that seem wierd to you? because it does to me. Why is that?
A: Do it when she is going down on you. And when she gets mad, tell her that you decided to finally give her her wish. And that it was also her Christmas present.But really – she just thinks it’s a way to become more comfortable around each other. She’ll probably be asking you to pee in front of her soon as well.
How much fart can you store in a typical large glass jar?
Q: Such as the sort you buy pickels in. We’re assuming that you’ve got a vacuum seal with the right equipment. The only time that seal’s broken is when your sitting on the receptacle and ready to fart. A flat mechanical lid slides open, machine sucks fart in and immediately closes the lid.
A: In a typical glass pickle jar you can fart as many times as you want but it’s impossible to fill it up 100% of the way with farts. Too much fart will escape when you try to close the jar after farting in it. According to my estimations you can fill up about 42% of the jar with farts.PS i just farted.
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