What is healthier? Soda or Beer

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Regular soda (8 ounce) has about 100 calories, whereas regular beer (one glass) has about 72 calories. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-healthier%3F-soda-or-beer ]
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What is healthier to drink… Soda or Beer?
neither. ur better off drinking 100% fruit juice or water
Do you think beer is healthier than soda?
Just look at what comes out of you after you drink a beer. Cleans everything right out doesn’t it?
Which is generally healthier (in moderation), beer or soda pop??
Definitely beer, as long as the person does not have any genetic factors related to inherited tendencies to addictions as could be alcoholism which emerges at the end of the line of a genetic disorder and turns into a social addiction. Rega…

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Do you think beer is healthier than soda?
Q: As a beer lover myself, I personally think so. Most sodas are loaded with high fructose corn syrup and caffeine. According to some studies, kids drink up to 6 to 8 cans a day. No wonder we have so many fat kids waddling around. I personally think the kids would be better off if they drank one or two low alcoholic beers instead of all that soda.In parts of Belgium a few years ago some schools replaced sugary juice and soda with low-alcohol beer. Do you think those kids will be better off?I’m not suggesting we give kids lots of beer and get them tanked. The drinking age in many countries is 16 or 18, especially in Europe. Yet they seem to have lower incidences of obesity and binge drinking.
A: Just look at what comes out of you after you drink a beer. Cleans everything right out doesn’t it?
Which is healthier, soda pop or beer?
Q: Which is better, or least bad, for your body, a beer a day or a Coke a day? Please choose one of the two and support your answer.
A: This is a pretty easy answer. Soda has no significant nutritional value, while beer in moderation has the following attributes:–reduction in chances of stroke–beer has antioxidents & B6, thus a reduction in chances of heart disease –beer increases good cholesteral (HDL) in your body–beer is fat & cholesteral free–beer helps relax you & helps you sleep betterThe key is moderation, like 1 a day, as you asked. That way the negative effects of beer are eliminated (liver disease, impared driving, etc). In the end, the final recommendation is:stay away from soda and drink one beer a day.
Which is healthier Pop (Soda) or Beer?
Q: I drink pop about 2-3 times a week, and I have relatives, that think Pop(soda) is really bad for you, but they always drink beer. Tell Me that Pop (soda) is healthier! because, I dont drink beer at all. I find it gross and unneccasary!
A: I Don’t Know Probably Soda, Beer Is Like A Body Poisining, But I Like The Taste, Beer Has Nothing Healthy Do With Your Body
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