What is the worst kind of pop to drink

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A lot of people say that orange soda is the worst kind of pop to drink because of the dyes in it. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-worst-kind-of-pop-to-drink ]
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What are the worst kinds of alcohol to drink?
This depends on what your asking, if its what are the worst tasting? then that is a matter of taste, my personal belief is that Everclear is the worst, along with expensive tequila, however if you mean which are the worst on the body…. t…
What kinds of drinks give you the worst hangovers??
sweet drinks are bad, but to be honest anything in excess will make you hate life the next day. Best hangove cure is as follows: Lots of water, two asprin, and suck on one or two jolly rancher or a dumb dumb. The water rehydrates you, the a…
What is the best kind of tea to drink when someone is sick with a…?
Unfortunately, once you have a cold it just needs to run its course. Drinking teas can be comforting and can support the body to help it fight the virus. Black, green and white teas are all high in antioxidants, all have caffeine. Black has…

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Why do people drink pop?
Q: I feel like throwing up after drinking any kind of beverage, barring fruit juice, milk, tea and coffee. Pop is bad for you and my body knows it. Why do you drink pop?
A: I think its like so many other things that are bad for you…your environment and/or influence by peers and culture. Almost everyone I know who was raised in the US had pop around their house as a kid, even if it was restricted, or only allowed as a special treat. Interestingly, everyone i know who spent their early years in Europe does not drink pop. So my “scientific theory” 🙂 is that it is based on the presence of it in your younger years. If you never drank it as a kid, you’re right, you probably would find it to taste odd and/or bad.
How many soda pops do you drink in a day(on average)?
Q: Well…how many pops do you drink in a day? What kind do you drink…the really bad kind..Mountain Dew…or the okay kind..Sprite? I drink the really really bad kind…Mountain Dew code red.
A: Zero. High fructose corn syrup is consumed at the average rate of 60 pounds per person per year in the U.S. Since I consume none (I’m diabetic), that means that someone else is making up the difference. No wonder diabetes and obesity are at epidemic proportions.I drink V8 instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgDldosT3T0
What are the health effects of a teen drinking a Sprite Zero and any other kind of Diet pop?
Q: I mean it isn’t at all healthy to a developing teen and/or kid? can it? What are bad health effects of drinking alot of diet pop when you are a kid or teen??
A: One of the best videos you can watch to be truly informed about the dangers of diet soft drinks, and diet whatever for that matter, is the video Sweet Misery. You can also find very helpful and informative videos about the subject at http://www.naturalhealthstrategies.com/health-education-videos.htmlI hope this helps. Whatever you do, don’t drink soft drinks of any kind. If they don’t have poisons like aspartame in them, then they have HFCS which is highly concentrated sugar made from corn which can also have disastrous effects on your health. Hope this helps. After you watch the videos, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. All the very best to you and yours,Ed
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