Can Aids be fatal

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AIDS is one of the most serious, deadly diseases in human history. There is no cure for it. [ Source: ]
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Is AIDS always fatal?
There’s still no cure for the disease. Since the antiretroviral drugs are relatively new, we don’t know how long they might be able to suppress the replication of HIV, which has a tendency to mutate into drug-resistant forms. But researcher…
Is AIDS a fatal disease?
At present, there is no cure for AIDS but there are treatments that slow the progress of the disease, prevent and cure opportunistic infections, delay the onset of AIDS, and improve the quality of life of infected persons. When the immune s…
Does AIDS prove to be fatal for all those who have it??
At present there is no cure for AIDS though many people have lived with AIDS for many years. New research, developments and treatments could result in people with AIDS living longer.

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What are the cause of aids? Can we avoid this fatal disease?
Q: Aids is a fatal disease. It is learnt that doing sex other than limited partner is one of the causes of aids. Sex is an instict. How can we channelize it?. Is marrige is the only remedy? Or we can control this disease by meds?
A: Use condoms. Don’t engage to sexual activites with anyone. If you have aids, there aren’t really any cures. Meds are only known to prolong your life..let’s say about years or months. The meds basically just boost up ur T-cells and immune system.
Is HIV/AIDS the only fatal infectious virus/bacteria?
Q: If there are others, please name them and (if you can) tell me if they are common in the UK.
A: NO. If you really want information on disease and prevention, go to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website.You will get the most current and reliable information there.
I recently got really close to a friend a I’ve known for 2 years. well I always knew she had AIDS but today
Q: She told me her self that she had aids. I of course acted like i didnt know but I dont care. I see her as any of my other friends or even better. Well we were talking about it and she told me that she wasn’t going to be “around” for long. I thought she would be but her hais is starting to fall out. I don’t like this at all we have gotten really close like she is one of my bestfriends now. I always known aids is fatal but since she does not take her medication. (she was born with aids, her mom passed away already) //it has become worst I guess. How should I go about this? Should I prepare myself for bad things coming her way? I mean I dont know how i would feel if she was to die tomorrow. We always have fun go and go out. I don’t like the fact that she might be even more sick than what she has been.and she is such a pretty girl and now her hair is gonna fall out. Is there anything I can do about this?
A: Wow. This girl is lucky to have a compassionate caring friend like you. It is just a pity there are not more people out there in the world that are as understanding and supportive of Aids sufferers. People tend to see them as “sick” and “contagious” and stay away from them. Thank you that you are one of the few.You are already doing alot for this girl, just by being her friend. But you can talk to her and tell her how precious her friendship is to you, and that you want her to know that she can turn to you ANYTIME. Tell her you want her to take more care of herself, and in fact look up on the net about the various Wellness Programs for Aids sufferers that there are, and talk to her about them. (They tell them what and how to eat certain things, that will boost their immune system) I work with Aids people on a daily basis, and it is VERY scary how many 1 000’s of people are dying every day, alone, unwanted and unloved. Your love and support are a beacon to all of us out here. Well done!! Be there for her at the end if you can too, because by the sound of it, it could be shortly. This depends on her CD4 count. You could always ask her what her count is, and if it is under 100, then it will not be long. Prepare yourself for losing her, but remember that in the end she is going to a better place, and you will always have the memories of your friendship.
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