Can you create a chemical imbalance in your body

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The term “chemical imbalance” is a broad term that does not stand for any specific type of disease or disorder. The human (more?) [ Source: ]
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What Causes Body Odor & Chemical Imbalance?
・ Mineral deficiencies are commonly caused by chemical sensitivities. Low levels of magnesium and zinc… ・ Hormonal fluctuations related to the onset of puberty, menstrual cycles, or menopause cause body odor… ・ In rare cases, body odors…
How a Chemical Imbalance Affects Your Body
・ Chemical imbalances occur as a result of an individual’s subjective response to stimuli. Subjectivity… ・ In some cases, the body produces too much or too little of a particular chemical as a result of a defect… ・ Different neurotransm…
What type of chemical imbalances in the body
There are many types of chemical imbalances. Depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, bi-polar, schizophrenia, rage disorder, blood disorders, and reproductive disorders are just a few examples of chemical disorders. Thank you for using ChaCha!

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How can one not believe…?
Q: In any sort of spiritual force? People who do not have ANY spiritual beliefs whatsoever, I guess I’m trying to say.Just saying, because if you don’t have a ‘soul’, how is it possible that you might exhibit your senses? For example:If I touch something hot, my nerves create a chemical imbalance that is sent through my spinal cord and into my brain. My brain then ‘reads’ the imbalance, and creates a corresponding reaction (to use muscles a b and c to pull away). THE END. If that is the extent of what my physical body does in reaction to touch, then how is it that I can FEEL it. How can I exhibit this sensation? Is there something more that I have not mentioned? Is there ‘logical’ explanation? Or is it ‘unknown’?I honestly don’t know, so I’ll be looking forward to answers. Thanks.Yeah, I already explained the nerves, but there’s a missing link. How do you go from chemical imbalences to experiencing pain?Am I making sense? Does it makes sense to you guys?
A: Feelings are perceptions. What you may perceive as pain another may perceive as pleasure…even if it is something hot.Perceptions are the result of brain activity. We know this because we can alter them with chemicals.The soul is not what is perceiving, though you may have a good argument. Maybe the conscious mind is the soul.I don’t know.
Where do I put this hypnosis where someone (scientist) will see it?
Q: What if there were bacteria and viruses that put chemicals into the body that make a person reproduce the same kind of behavior that creates a good environment for the infection? (i.e. Makes us act in a way that weakens the right body part or kills us completely.)This could most easily be explained as a bacteria like a yeast infection giving a desire to have sex (with many different people). Could there be other things? Perhaps some of the illnesses “We do not completely understand.” Such as how a person suddenly starts to overeat until they are over 500 lbs. Many might remark that this is because of a problem in their ‘nature or nurture.’ Yet, experts are not exactly sure what happens in the brain to cause this. So what if it isn’t in the brain or a human hormone problem at all. It could be a little virus somewhere in the body creating the imbalance.The reason why this often runs in families: 1) Perhaps some genes make a person less immune to the illness as some people are more likely to catch a cold (so it is linked to genes, but it is not the gene itself that makes one ill). It might lie dormant in many people ready to pop up if the right factors are shown in the body (like high levels of stress).2) I heard on the Discovery (or similar channel) that it is virus(es) that made reproduction possible (maybe). We became friends with the virus/bacteria and it helped us have cute little miniatures. In the television show they said that there is a part of the DNA that scientists often overlook. We carry a trace of illnesses our ancestors fought and hidden in this are the genes (or died illnesses) that enable reproduction.The reason these illnesses are never overcome by the body:1) The nature of these viruses a little different then that of the cold therefore making it a lot harder to find?1a) What if bad illnesses snuck into the genes or the body’s list of things not to try and kill off? Some might exist peacefully while releasing minimum levels of chemicals to gently led a person into creating the factors that will give it the chance to attack.1b) It could imitate a beneficial bacteria.-Therefore they would be extremely hard of science to uncover.So we have been looking for the ‘genes’ for some illnesses in the wrong place. (As well as the best way to fight it in the body.)I.E. Your own personal demons are really you own personal viruses.- So what do I do with this idea? It makes so much sense (to me) that perhaps someone has already thought of this, and is researching it, but if no one has… It just seems like one of those ideas you should send out into the world where someone with more knowledge can see it.So scientists (people who read the science section) how do I get someone to listen?
A: Here is a great place to start. If you are in school, run it by your genetics/microbiology/chemistry/anatomy/or general biology professor. If you have already graduated, you can always go back and revisit them. Pick up a science magazine, and search through for the questions/comments section, and send in a letter.
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