Can you get any diseases from swimming in the lakes

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If the water is unsafe for swimming, most of the time it is posted.chacha [ Source: ]
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Can you get any diseases from swimming in the lakes
If the water is unsafe for swimming, most of the time it is posted.chacha
Can you get any germs or diseases from swimming in a lake??
There are certain bacteria that lakes and streams can carry. If the water is unsafe for swimming, most of the time it is posted where the public can easily see the notice….

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Can you get any germs or diseases from swimming in a lake?
Q: I’m going camping today and there might be a lake where you can go swim, except like, there’s gonna be a bunch of people too. Are there any diseases you can get from people by swimming in a lake? Or are the just germs in lakes in general?Or maybe I’m being paranoid? I’ve never gone camping before.
A: There are certain bacteria that lakes and streams can carry. If the water is unsafe for swimming, most of the time it is posted where the public can easily see the notice….
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Q: If you believe in yourself, then you can do anything you wanted. One man had demonstrated this to all of us in the American history though his journey of being affect by a disease that almost ruined his life. However, he had overcome the obstacle, and rise to the occasion to become the 32nd President of the US in 1933-1945 and become the one man we are all admire who had lead us though the Great Depression and the World War II.Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was born on January 30, 1882, Hyde Park, New York. (3) He was the only of James and Sara Delano Roosevelt. FDR was born in a wealthy family where he attended in a private school, He know how to read and write at the age of six taught by the governess in Latin, French, and German with History and geography science and arithmetic. Because of his background he didn’t have any friends, and all of his life was surrounded in school. In fact, in 1896, he entered Groton a prep school at the age of 14, most of the people go here would go to Ivy League College. While attended at Groton he also involved in sport such as, bun basketball and high kick (B). In 1900, FDR entered Harvard University, where his majored in history and government with English and public speaking as minors (B) and it was during the year where he spent in Harvard University that he becomes admired to his fifth cousin, President Theodore Roosevelt (3). During his freshmen year was maybe was his hardest year because his father passed away of a heart ailment at the age of 72 (B) but he got back from the incident. However, during the year where he spent at Harvard was maybe his happiness time because he felt in love with Theodore Roosevelt’s niece, Eleanor Roosevelt (3). On November 21, 1903 he asked Eleanor to married him, and by Saint Patrick’s Day they were married on New York performed by Reverend Endicott Peabody (B). Three years later, May 1906 their first child Anna born, 1097 James followed, Franklin, Jr. died after birth in 1909, Elliott in 1910, second Franklin Jr. in 1919, and John in 1916. (B).FDR always had admired his cousin Teddy who is back then is the New York State legislative to the White House. Because of his cousin FDR wanted to become more involved in politics more than ever. Which is why he runs for New York State Senate from Twenty-sixth District in 1910. He won the campaign because of his way to reach the people in the district, he make ten speeches a day, and by the Election Day, he had traveled more than 2 thousand miles. In 1912 election he was elected against event though he was not present became he fell ill with a typhoid fever. In April 6, 1917 when the U.S. enters World War I, FDR help mobilizing the navy. In 1914, he ran for US senator, but unfortunately he lost. In 1920, he ran campaign for James M. Cox; they visited 32 states make more than thousand speeches. However, with their campaign strategy they still lost, but it was the first time women were voting in 1920(B).When he done with his entire job, it was the family tradition to take a vacation to Campobello. ON August 9, 1921, FDR’s family goes on their vacation to put all the stress behind. There was an accident where Roosevelt fell into the lake, and got a chilled, but he was uninjured. August 10, His three children and him went to the Bay of Fundy. On their way to the bay, they stopped and put out a fire on an island. IT took them several hours, because they also went for a jogged across Campobello Island to swim to Lake Glen Severn and the bay. When he got home FDR noticed, his feeling was not right after the exercise. For that night he got a chilled. August 11 morning, one of his leg was weak, by the afternoon, the leg was paralyzed. In the evening, the other leg began to get weaker. August 12, he can’t get up because of bilateral paralysis, and his temperature was 102 F. In fact, he didn’t feel any pain along the spine and the neck, while they did get the doctor, it was said to be a “heavy cold” by Dr. E.E. Bennel. Most people should have recognized that it was not a cold since Roosevelt was unable to sit without an aided. By the next day he was paralyzed from the chest down, his arm and shoulders and thumb were very weak. (1).Dr. W.W. Keen examined FDR against and found “ a lot of blood from a sudden congestion-settled in the lower spiral cord.” The next few days his hand, arm and holder became very weak. He had difficulty in defaecation and required enemas. He couldn’t urine for two weeks, this on top with a fever for six or seven days. On August 18, he got a brief delirious. By this time most people know it was just not a cold any more, and his wife was not going to take that chance, she kept the children away because she knew he might got poliomyelitis. On the 15 days of his disease, his temperature was 100 F, he was paralyzed from the waist down, and the back muscles were very weak. He began to experienced pain in the legs to the touch; from this most people began to get their conclusion that he was diagnosis with poliomyelitis. (1). Most doctor didn’t recognized it was polio at first because during the lat of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, poliomyelitis was not very common and there was a few that was cause by flaccid paralysis.(1)
A: Your grammar and syntax need a lot of work. !he got a brief delirious?people began to get a conclusion?for that night he got a chilled?Read your work out loud to get a clearer idea of what i mean..Also an essay states a position that argues a case. What you have written is a report.If it is meant to be a report it would seem OK if you can sort out the grammar.If it is meant to be an essay it needs to be a position you can defend with research and logical argument.”My essay will argue that having a debilitating illness is not an impediment to achieving great things.To support this argument I will refer to the life and achievements of Franklin Delano Roosevelt who fought polio and still rose to became the 32nd president of the United States of America.” I will reference to Smith, Jones and blah to support my research.Hope that helps
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A: lol. thanks 4 the quotes
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