Chrones disease

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Crohn’s disease: A chronic inflammatory disease, primarily involving the small and large intestine. Thank you for using ChaCha. [ Source: ]
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What is chrones disease?
Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disease in which the gastrointestinal tract has patchy areas of thick inflammation anywhere from the mouth to the anus. It causes abdominal pain, diarrhea, malabsorption, and bloody stools.
Living with Chrones disease…how do you do it?
Hello Sam, I have had crohn’s disease since the age of 12 and was given an ileostomy to save my life at the age of 17. Is your husband having his entire colon removed? if so, that’s called a total colectomy and he’d be given an ileostomy. …
Is chrones disease deadly?
ask your doctor..but i don’t think so as long as it is treated correctly…

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Chrones disease?
Q: Hi a family member has been diagnosed with chrones disease last year, but it seems to be getting worse, the next option may be surgery to remove the whole of the bowel, has anyone had this surgery, or story about chrones, please, she is only in her early 30s, and very upset…any information gladly received, all the medicines have not worked surgery looks likely …thanks in advance
A: Family member has had part of her bowel removed for Crohns disease, it’s a common treatment. They usually just take away the infected part and stitch the two ends back together. Sometimes a colostomy bag is need while the surgery heals, but this is not always necessary and my family member did not need this. She is much better now, but does have to have vitamin B injections every 5 months or so. The surgery wasn’t too bad and I think she was only in hospital for three days, maybe four.The disease can settle down for long periods and then flare up again. There are a few web sites with good information on, if you search under Crohn’s disease. Good luck to your relative.
Chrones Disease?
Q: My Aunt has chrones disease.. does anyone know any natural cures for it? her case is servere and she may dye soon with out treatment
A: my sister also has chrones.If she takes her medication, she avoids certain foods & milk, and gets a colonscopy once a year I think she will be fine.
Could I get home schooled for having Chrones Disease?
Q: I have had chrones disease for..well going on 4 years now…the first three years I didn’t even know I had it cause doctors..kept putting me they never saw me. So I have to use the bathroom ALOT! Plus..sometimes I dont even feel like doing anything cause my stomach hurts somewhat…I was just wondering if they think I should get home schooled.
A: Okay I’m going to presume that ‘Chrones’ (sic) is a typo and you meant to say you have Crohn’s Disease: You don’t need a reason, any reason, to be homeschooled; no-one does. The *only* thing you need is the agreement of your parents as whether or not you can homeschool (proper) is solely a parental decision and no business whatsoever of your school, education authority, State or anybody else.Being homeschooled means that your parents withdraw you from school, thus ending all contact between you and the school district and, from that moment on, it’s your parents who bear the responsibility for & costs of organising your education, teaching you themselves, grading your work, keeping your records etc etc. Anyone can homeschool but, as a homeschooler, you & your parents’ll be going it alone as far as the school district is concerned; they’ll be no help or support from the school district or your (ex) school. However if you meant ‘homeBOUND school’ when your school does continue to supply you with the assignments, books, teacher support, grading etc but you get to stay at home and study, that is *not* homeschooling. That you probably would need sufficient cause and proof (doctor’s letter etc) to show that you’re unable to attend school in the normal way as, under homebound schooling, your education’d still be the responsibility of (and therefore a financial drain on) your current school/school district.
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