Does it affect mood

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Thyroid disease can affect a person’s mood, causing anxiety or depression. The more severe the disease, the more the mood changes. [ Source: ]
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Does a significant change in temperature affect a persons mood?
There are differing opinions but many studies show that a change in warm weather can make most people happy. ChaCha on.
How do colors affect your mood?
Colors affect your mood a lot. If you see light purple it is known to put you in a peaceful state. Seeing red really makes you angry. Seeing darker colors makes you depressed while lighter or brighter colors like yellow make you happy. Seei…
How does music affect mood?
Music can absolutely affect your mood. When I am listening to a fast song loud, I just want to sing and dance, that makes me happy. When I hear Christmas music, I get into the holiday spirit.

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How does poetry affect mood activity?
Q: I’m trying to look up information on how poetry affects mood for a school project, but I can’t find anything. I’m looking for solid facts on how it affects the mood and I require some kind of specific source for authenticity.My project is a PowerPoint on the effects of poetry on a person’s mood.
A: Go check out Google Scholar. Type in “effect,” “depression,” and “poetry.” or any other combinations. Try using different words too, like “mood” “emotions” “affect” “poem” and “literature.”I found a couple that might be useful, but I don’t know what your project is about.I put the google scholar site below. Good luck!
How does Setting in novel “1984” affect mood; plot?
Q: Hello,*Could anyone give me a quick overview of what the setting of the novel “1984” by Orwell is like. As well how he describes it. (i.e. alot of detail, no detail ,etc.)*How does the setting affect the mood and plot of the story?Thank you!!!-Rs
A: I am going to give you a one-word answer to get you started:bleak
How does abstaining from sex or masturbation affect mood or brain chemistry?
Q: I am trying a celibacy experiment. I don’t have access to sex for a while now (separated from partner / prostitutes) so I’m also thinking of abstaining from Rosy Palm and her sisters’ massage treatments (masturbating).I’m thinking this will even out dopamine levels. Having the climax must be just hell on the brain’s mood regulators even if you are just masturbating. I think giving it a couple weeks without the cheap thrill will really even out the brain chemistry and I’ll feel calm and smooth all the time. That is my motivation. Also, marijuana use really helped me reduce overall cravings. I feel like now I can go celibate. Before marijuana, it would have been nearly impossible. I’m not on marijuana anymore, but I’m sure it really helped. All of this seems to be based on chemicals.Will my brain be chemically different after going celibate for a while? How will my mood change? By the way, I am Buddhist and am incorporating this into my religious practice.
A: wow, you said in the first part that you are separated from your partner/prostitute..thats something that shouldn’t be in the same sentence.. i know i would get real cranky..good luck..
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