Does lock jaw affect your jaw

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Tetanus, called lockjaw, is a bacterial disease affect muscles and nerves. It is muscle stiffness that involves the jaw and neck. [ Source: ]
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Does lock jaw affect your jaw
Tetanus, called lockjaw, is a bacterial disease affect muscles and nerves. It is muscle stiffness that involves the jaw and neck.
What is lock jaw?
Lockjaw is also classified as tetanus, which is a serious bacterial disease. The locked jaw is the first sign of tetanus, followed by a stiff neck and difficulty swallowing. Since there is an immunization available tetanus is not very commo…
Why does my jaw lock?
oh….. ok you need to go to the doctor ASAP. Because there is a diese (sorry 4 the spelling) called LOCK jaw. and you can die from it. You get this from having rusted metal put into an exposed wound (cuts and etc.) . I got it when i was 11…

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Whats wrong with my jaw??
Q: For the past year my jaw has felt weird lately. like whenever i eat something like candy or gum my jaw makes this clicking noise. and it hurts.sometimes it will lock on one side so it hurts to open one side of my mouth. I can still talk, but when that happens its hard to chew. I don’t know whats wrong. I have braces, I dont know if thats affecting it though. I really would like to know whats wrong though. A couple years ago somebody ran into me and knocked into my jaw and after that is when it started locking on me. That might have something to do with it. If you have any idea what could be wrong, please give your opinions. I think I might have TMJ but I’m not sure. My mom wont take me anywhere..but she says to ask my orthodontist whats wrong. Can an orthodontist help??
A: Yeah those braces plus the jaw bang is doing that.Try talking to your mom, and than beg her to take you to the Dentist and explain whats wrong.
something wrong with our dog?
Q: hi, well, its kinda weird, we have a britanny spaniel dog, his name is kona, he’s never really had any health probelms, as a mattter of fact, all our dogs are healthy, but around friday last week, we noticed that he was not opening his mouth like at all, we found it kinda weird since he is normally a vocal dog, he’s gotten better, to the point where he can open his jaw’s a LITTLE, enough to like fit some food in, but he still doest bark or anythingwe dont think he is sick w/ an illness either, he still wags his tail, and still howls when he wants to go out (since howling doesnt require opening your mouth) and he is still energetic sometimes, i know of NO illnesses that only affect one thing, and have no side effects, and we already looked at Lock Jaw as a possibility, but it is #1: rare in the US; #2: is transferred through things like horse and cow manuer; and #3: it has other effects, like rigidity in the legs, and locking up joints and suchso does anyone have a small idea?lol ok, i guess to the vet it iswere not cruel to our animals either, lol of course it occured to us to call the vet, but sometimes our animals to get sick or what not, and we wait to see if it will get better on its own, again, not trying to sound cruel, but the vet isnt exactly cheap, were probably going to now though, again, we at least try to see if they will get better on their ownbut thanks all, although i dont see how he could have gotten a small fracture, besides the fact that sometimes when the dogs really want to go out, they love to head but each other, lol, not really do it on purpose, but like to get closer to us to jump on us, and they just use their head and hit each other, lolagain, and thanks, probably go to the vet now, and no dont worry, he hasnt been starving, he can still eat, and drink just so you know 🙂
A: Kona, may have a dislocated jaw, my grandmothers poodle had that maybe two weeks ago and he couldnt open his mouth either. Has Kona been pawing at his mouth or grinding his teeth, if he is this is a big possiblility that his jaw is dislocated and he needs to see a vet asap. Or Kona may have a small fracture in his jaw and it may be painful and hard to move, I would bring him to the vet anyways because there is obviously something wrong and needs to be checked. I wish you the best.
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