Does Meridia affect your heart

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Meridia does not affect your heart or your blood stream, but it can have harmful side effects for people who have heart disease or diabetes. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can Reductil (Meridia) affect blood pressure or heart rate??
Reductil (Meridia) substantially increases blood pressure in some patients. Regular monitoring of blood pressure is required when taking Reductil (Meridia).
Does MERIDIA have an affect on blood pressure or heart rate??
In scientifically controlled studies, small rises in the blood pressure and heart rate were observed in overweight subjects taking MERIDIA. You must ensure that you visit your doctor for regular visits to monitor your blood pressure and pul…
Can Meridia Affect My Blood Pressure or Heart Rate?
Meridia substantially increases blood pressure in some users. In others it can result in small increases in blood pressure and small increases in heart rate.
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