Does poop carry disease

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Diseases are caused by germs transmitted from 1 person to another air, urine, feces, blood, saliva, skin, mucus or open sores. [ Source: ]
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Does Poop Carry The Disease Called Mytoebendsbackandforwth??
My toe bends back and forth? Are you kidding me?

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There are pigeons nesting on the roof of my house, does there poop really carry 52 airborne diseases?
Q: There is a family of pigeons nesting on the roof of my house. I heard that pigeon poop caries up to 52 airborne diseases? There nest is upstairs close to my master bedroom window. Other than making noise in the early morning and all the poop I have to clean every week in my courtyard, they don’t bother to much. However, I am worried that MY family will get sick from whatever they carry. Is this true or am I safe?
A: You are safe as long as there is not like 20 inches of poop all over your yard and shoes. There would have to be many more birds than that. All bird poop and other animal poop can carry much bacteria. It is only airborne once it dries and you breath in the dust. it rains out and there is plenty of fresh air so I would not worry about it. After they are done on your roof if you do not want them there anymore put up a motion detector owl. they work well but dont worry I am around tons of birds every day home, oustide and at the rehab center cleaning poop breathing poop and I am fine. 🙂 And pigeons are not at all rats with wings they are wonderful flying creatures just like any other bird and believe it or not very clean they will not even poop in a cage when there are eggs in it they will fly off or wait until taken out. Just got bad rap because they will eat anything and because there are so many of them. Nice advice given telling people to shoot living things. Feel sorry for those people.
Are pet birds dirty?
Q: I have a love bird who lives in its cage. I feed my bird the regular bird seeds, and sometimes fruits. I take it out everyday. My boyfriend won’t touch it because he says it walks in its own poop, and that its a really dirty animal. Does the bird poop carry diseases?
A: no but the cages get real dirty and they need to be cleaned twice a week and they need some perches to sit on so they dont have to walk in thier own poo!
Can you settle a dispute? Are pigeons on your patio really something to worry about?
Q: My front porch has two brick pillars holding up an overhang (the attic, mostly) that extends over the porch. On one of the top of the pillars, there is a small ledge. Pigeons like to hang out on this ledge.A friend of mine insists that I should find a way to keep the pigeons from having little pigeon-parties there because they carry disease. They do poop on a corner of the porch, but I just wash that off with a hose on a warm day.I don’t think the pigeons are a problem… I kind of like their cooing actually. What do you think?
A: You are correct. The pigeons are no more of a threat than any other bird.Pigeons are fine. It’s their droppings that cause problems. Large deposits of bird or bat guano are subject to fungus growth. This is not unique to pigeons, and occurs with any birds who roost in large groups, including starlings and chickens. When old (dried) droppings are disturbed by cleaning or construction, the fungus releases airborn spores. When inhaled in sufficient quantities, they can cause illness like histoplasmosis, however, for most, symptoms are mild.Washing away the droppings will prevent any fungus growth, and eliminate any threat.Relax and enjoy the cooing of your pigeons.
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