How is toenail fungus treated

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Treatment options may include: Oral medications,Topical medication,Removal of the diseased nail matter or Oral antifungals. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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Treatment options may include: Oral medications,Topical medication,Removal of the diseased nail matter or Oral antifungals. ChaCha
The expensive way is to take Sporonox or Lamisil pills. The course costs about $500 and cures it …
One well documented cure that seems to work for many people is the nail fungus vinegar cure. Whether white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, this is the cheapest treatment intended to eradicate fungal infections from toenails or fingernails. …

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How to treat toenail fungus in a month?
Q: I’m going on holiday with my girlfriend and her parents. I have two infected toenails.. the one next to the little toe on both feet. I have been applying bleach for around 1 week to it. If i soak my feet in safely diluted bleed (1:100) for A LOT of hours (around 3 or 4).. do you think it will increase the chance of being cured in time? This is worrying me greatly 🙁
A: Do we think it will increase the chance of being cured in time? IN TIME FOR WHAT??? Are you going on vacation next week? In two weeks? Next month?Bleach will not do anything… and what in the world is diluted bleed?Oral treatments will take about 6 months to work and your liver will pay the price.Use a topical oil such as can find it at
If someone with SEVERE toenail fungus has been successfully treated, I would LOVE to hear from u!?
Q: When reading posts about people who got their cured with topical or/and oral medications, I always wonder how SEVERE their fungus really was. I don’t usually see pictures – before and after. What I am very interested in knowing is THIS – Are there any people at all who have had it so severe as mine and gotten it cured? And how? I’m not interested in just the general information about treatments as I’m aware of them all, I just want to know if someone with my severity has been successfully cured/treated and how. I am attaching a couple of links to picture of my toenails for you to see. The toenails are clipped as short as possible. Any dark marks are from bleeding. The left big toe will bleed and hurts terribly if I cut it any further. am thinking of trying topical (listerine/vinegar soak daily), plus oregano oil topical treatment 2xs/day as well as taking oregano oil orally. But if there is no chance it will work because it’s so bad, then I don’t want to waste my time and money and just try to accept it. The thing is, I just can’t seem to accept it. I just want to be able to show my feet and not hide them for once in my life. I’ve tried topical solutions in the past to no avail. Lamisal concerns me because of the potential liver risks and expense. I’ve thought of toenail removal, but that is my last resort. I am 33 yrs old (female) and I can’t remember a time I could wear sandals or go swimming without being terribly embarrassed – now I don’t show them anymore. Thank you for your time!
A: I took Ballet from age 8 to age 19 and my nails looked terrible, our dancing teacher would send us to a man who cut the nails and would use a machine to sand off the tops of the nails when they overgrew. He was not a licensed doctor, and I suspect I got the fungus from his tools, I lived with it for maybe forty years, and then someone suggested that I use White vinegar and soak the nails in it at least once a day for 20 minutes. Now you cannot miss a day with this treatment, you see you have to stop the fungus from growing from the nail bed, if you miss even a day, it starts all over again. I used the vinegar as a bedtime routine, and did not go to bed without it no matter how tired I was. I also asked my doctor for and received a prescription for a antibiotic and took this, as I was doing the vinegar treatment, now some people use the same vinegar, over and over, but I was afraid it would lose it’s effectiveness and I bought my vinegar in gallon jugs and used fresh every night. Now this did not do the job in a hurry, I am not going to lie to you, it took six moths, but now I can go barefoot at the beach. But remember if you start this you cannot do it, hit and miss. Every night without fail.
Toenail fungus possibly from injury? How to self treat?
Q: My 18 month old son has a toenail fungus. Big thick yellow ring toenail. That’s the only one. None of the others show any sign of yellow or fungus. The toenail is splitting & partially off. I’ve read that toenail fungus needs to be treated for months. But if it is from an injury, is it the same case? Do you treat it the same way? Does it take as long to get rid of the fungus? Once the toenail falls off, is the fungus gone? I’d really prefer to home treat it than use medication. I have tea tree & oregano oil, aloe plants etc. Thanks for your advice.
A: I would take him to the pediatrician but if you want to try something first, maybe try Listerine the original stuff. I hear it works
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